Swedish prefabricated buildings offer eco-friendly solution for low cost homes

A system of prefabricated houses made offsite is being introduced into the UK. The new approach pioneered in Sweden offers a low cost, environmentally friendly solution to help overcome housing shortages.

Rather than building the whole home from scratch as is typical in the UK, the approach of the innovative  ‘Spacehus’ developed by Sweden’s Volula is to design, manufacture the parts in the factory and assemble onsite. The technique is being used for residential buildings, schools, and lodges.

Off-site construction of high performance, precision made housing has been tried and tested for 50-years or more in Sweden. All parts right down to the plumbing are mass produced to exact requirements and , the kit houses are then assembled onsite.

Volula uses ‘Building Information Modelling’ to prototype the design and construction. The technique minimises onsite waste and shrinks the supply chain. Working in such a factory-controlled way flattens out the peaks and troughs usually associated with building trade. It also cuts the carbon impact. 

The homes are air tight and energy efficient due to triple glazing and extra thick 240 mm insulation. There is little need for space heating and the solar PV panels installed on the south-facing roof cover most of the electricity needs.

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April 7, 2015
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