IEA develops roadmaps for energy-efficient construction

To accelerate the development of low-carbon energy technologies and address the global challenges of energy security, climate change and economic growth, the International Energy Agency (IEA) is developing a series of global low-carbon energy technology roadmaps covering the most important technologies including energy-efficient building design, materials and heating.

The roadmaps identify priority actions for governments, industry, financial partners and civil society that will advance technology development and uptake to achieve international climate change goals.

This scenario describes how technologies across all energy sectors may be transformed by 2050 to give an 80% chance of limiting average global temperature increase to 2°C.

Each roadmap represents international consensus on milestones for technology development, legal/regulatory needs, investment requirements, public engagement/outreach and international collaboration.

The overall aim is to advance global development and uptake of key technologies to reach a 50% reduction in energy-related CO₂ emissions by 2050.

The roadmaps cover topics such as:


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September 2, 2015
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