EU report highlights strategic priorities for environmental performance of buildings

A report from the EU’s Joint Research Centre has  identified the strategic priorities for the environmental performance of the EU building stock. It sets out to provide a ‘top down’ view of what the macro-objectives should be for the building sector.

In its 2014 Communication on Resource Efficiency Opportunities in the Building Sector  European Commission experts  identified the need for a common EU approach to the assessment of the environmental performance of buildings.

The latest report provides an analysis of:

  • – EU and Member State policies and initiatives on resource efficiency,
  • – Evidence for the most significant environmental impacts along the life cycle of buildings;
  • – Priorities of existing schemes and tools that are used in the EU property market.

Together with the input of stakeholders, the study has  identified a set of macro-objectives which will then be used to set the scope for possible environmental indicators.

The final set of macro-objectives presented in the document are split into those relating to ‘life cycle environmental performance’ and ‘quality, performance and value creation’. The identification of these two types of macro-objectives emphasises that the focus for the common EU framework will not only be on environmental performance, but also on other human and economic factors that may influence the service life and performance of buildings in the long term.

Read the report here (PDF):

January 22, 2016
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