CCC seminar addresses carbon footprint reduction in infrastructure projects

The construction industry is responsible for more than 30 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. To some extent, the issue can be ascribed to infrastructure projects.
At a CCC hosted seminar April 13th at the Bauma construction machinery trade fair, speakers will address sustainable construction processes in infrastructure including carbon footprint reduction.

“At this year’s Bauma event we will host the seminar ‘Climate Challenges in Infrastructure Projects’ as well as participating in the Bauma Charity Alliance”, says Magnus Bäärnhielm, project leader for the Construction Climate Challenge initiative, hosted by Volvo Construction Equipment.

Magnus Baarnhielm
Magnus Bäärnhielm

With reference to the standards set by the world leaders at last year’s climate conference in Paris, COP21, a panel of prominent speakers will discuss how to deal with carbon footprint impact during infrastructure construction processes. The scope will include climate footprint calculations for infrastructure investment and how this can be applied in procurement processes.


”Conversations about sustainable construction are often focused on housing constructions, rather than major infrastructure projects. Hopefully this seminar can shed some light on the carbon footprint in infrastructure projects, share the knowledge between different stakeholders, and thereby contribute to the discussion on how to deal with these challenges”, says Magnus Bäärnhielm.

April 11, 2016
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