‘Instant farm’ in a container developed for remote agriculture

‘Farm from a Box’ is an innovative shipping container that transforms into off-grid farm for sustainable, tech-powered agriculture. The ‘box’ contains all that is needed to start and maintain a 2-acre planted farm capable of feeding 150 people.

Upon delivery the 20 ft. container doubles in size when deployed  and all the technology is pre-installed to make the system as plug-and-play as possible.

The development offers a turn key solution that can boost local food production. Any crop can be grown  – for consumption or cash.

The portable container can be delivered  just about anywhere. It is equipped  with a 3kW solar-powered electrical system, WiFi, water pump, drip irrigation materials, basic tools, and a greenhouse.

It includes training materials on farming technology, maintenance, business, and sustainable growing methods. Additional options let buyers customize their kit with components designed for their climate or usage, including systems for cold storage and water purification.

Basic hand tools are also included in the box including a broadfork, trowels and shovels, a seeder, wheel hoe, bed-prep rake and more.

The founders hope that the off-grid kit will make it easier for everyone from community-supported agriculture organizations to schools and individual aspiring farmers to jumpstart their own farms.

High tech package

The package Includes micro-drip irrigation system ensuring precise water delivery. It’s easy-to-assemble and water efficient, which lowers labour and maintenance costs while saving water.

Farm from a Box is powered by renewable energy, making it an independent, clean energy system that saves money.

Includes a solar-powered pump by Grundfos – the world’s largest pump manufacturer – that can onnect to different kinds of water supplies like ground well water or municipal line.

Each box comes with a Wi-Fi enabled IoT (Internet of Things) system that helps to improve operational efficiency, optimize water and energy usage and provides the farmer with real-time data for decision making. Sensors monitor everything from solar panel performance and irrigation efficiency to soil conditions.


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January 18, 2017
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