New Swedish concrete casting technique reduces carbon footprint by 20 percent.

An innovative Swedish company, Strongcrete, has developed an award-winning technology for concrete casting that reduces the amount of cement used by 20% and improves the quality of the end product.

The Swedish innovation is called The New Technology ™ and involves a modern method of treating fresh concrete mass when casting of horizontal surfaces.The RolliT Robot machine provides a vertical vibration under a light pressure which the ability to perform an additional compression – late compaction – of horizontal concrete surfaces in the early stage of casting.The machine will compact the wet concrete using a kind of a light roller called RolliT RoboT. The new technology makes casting work a better controlled process and eliminates many common production problems. 

Cement is an important component in concrete and is a big contributor of CO2 emissions around the world. Estimates project that six to eight percent of global CO2 emissions come from cement production.

Both the strength and durability of the surface is improved. The method also reduces the cement powder mix by 20 %, which is equal to 20% of CO2 emission since cement production is one of the biggest contributors to CO2 pollution globally.

The technology recently received with the Malmö Cleantech City Award at the ceremony at Cleantech Capital Day in Oslo.

The company said that “This solution has multiple environmental, economic and health benefits and it is modern and easy to apply. We think that this solution will be widely used in the construction industry and will concretely improve the industry.”

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May 30, 2017
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