Construction Climate Talks

Featuring some of the most prominent influencers in the field, the film series Construction Climate Talks (CCT) highlights some of the most important issues in climate sustainability today. With a starting-point in the construction industry, which is responsible for more than 30 percent of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions, CCT highlights and educates around issues such as sustainable development in the sector, the concept of green building and how to create greater awareness about sustainability for business. 

Johan Rockström on the present state of our climate.

Josefina Lindblom on what green building is.

James Drinkwater on how sustainability is turning into common sense in the construction industry.

Martin Weissburg on sustainability as good business.

Carina Borgström-Hansson on how to reduce the carbon footprint while urbanization increases.

Roland Hunziker on how to redefine value.

Paul Toyne on restoring eco system services.

Helen Pineo on solutions to challenges in cities.

Mike de Silva on sustainability in the Crossrail project.

Mike Putnam on reducing carbon in infrastructure projects.

Chris Broadbent on sustainability rating schemes. 

Andy Spencer on how to lower carbon in concrete. 

Johan Gerklev on big companies sustainability responsibilities.

Guy Hammersley on Building Information Modeling 


Katherine Ibbotson on the ‘ERIC’ Carbon Planning Tool.