12 December 2017

CCC research develops tool to promote low carbon construction supply chains

The CCC has initiated an innovative project, CITT, to enable construction contractors to manage their supply chains so as to minimize carbon use. The CITT project has brought together Costain, Skanska and the University of Edinburgh Business School to develop an automated, integrated tool that can be used by contractors in infrastructure and construction projects […]

5 October 2017

New master’s thesis within the Impres project investigates greenhouse gas reduction in infrastructure projects

One part of the Construction Climate Challenge funded Impres project’s results will be a master’s thesis conducted by Daniel Balian, former student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and now Sustainability Consultant at WSP Environmental. In the following interview he elaborates further on these interesting results. Read the master’s thesis here. What is your […]

3 July 2017

Impres performs first case studies in California

Case studies of the infrastructure projects California High Speed Rail and San Francisco AirTrain Extension have recently been completed in the research project Impres. Interviews along the projects’ value chain have provided valuable input and examples for Impres’ goal of creating guidelines for carbon management through procurement requirements in infrastructure projects. Stefan Uppenberg, sustainability consultant […]

29 June 2017

First workshop completed within the CITT project

The Carbon Infrastructure Transformation Tool (CITT) project seeks to develop an open access solution for calculating and managing embodied carbon emissions across the project lifecycle of infrastructure projects. In late April the project conducted its first workshop to introduce the tool to key industry bodies and to gain feedback to develop and improve the tool […]

18 January 2017

Procurement research project aims to reduce climate impact from infrastructure projects

Infrastructure projects account for a large portion of the world’s CO2 emissions. One way to reduce the carbon impact is to implement sustainability requirements in the procurement process. The research project Implementation of Procurement Requirements for Sustainable Collaboration in Infrastructure (Impres) aims to study how this can be done most effectively. “It is easy to […]

11 January 2017

Open source tool will help drive emission reduction

A new research project seeks to develop a tool to identify and reduce carbon in the construction supply chain. The project is a collaboration between the University of Edinburgh Business School and Costain Group and is funded by the Construction Climate Challenge (CCC) initiative hosted by Volvo Construction Equipment. The Carbon Infrastructure Transformation Tool project […]

2 November 2016

Construction Climate Challenge funds new research projects

The construction industry faces many challenges connected to climate change. The Construction Climate Challenge has now selected two new research projects that aim to come up with solutions on how to reduce CO2 emissions within the industry. The Construction Climate Challenge initiative (CCC) has been funding research studies since 2014. Through supporting and initiating research […]

2 May 2016

The CCC Research Call evaluation period extended

The Research Call evaluation period for the Construction Climate Challenge Initiative’s research program has been extended. Due to a large amount of enquiries, the date when accepted applications is to be announced has been postponed from May 1 to mid June. The interest in the Constructions Climate Challenge Initiative’s research program resulted in a large amount […]

30 March 2016

CCC research application period extended due to great interest

The research applications period for Construction Climate Challenge’s research program has been extended by one week. This is due to high interest from around the globe. Since 2014, the Construction Climate Challenge Initiative has funded research studies. The program is vital in terms of tackling future global sustainability issues in an industry responsible for more […]

22 February 2016

Developing essential models to evaluate emissions from construction machinery

Xiaoliang Ma shares his thoughts on the development of an accurate model to evaluate the emissions from construction machinery in different construction operations, in conjunction with the Construction Climate Challenge initiative.     Read the final report here. Environmental consequences from construction sites is a topic of increasing concern. In 2015, one of the CCC Initiative pre-studies […]

18 February 2016

CCC funding program to support industry’s sustainability research

Submissions are now being invited for funding of research projects, as part of the Volvo Construction Equipment-hosted Construction Climate Challenge Academic submissions are being invited for research projects that support the aims of the Construction Climate Challenge. A global initiative, applications are encouraged from all those associated with universities, research institutes and similar organizations, with […]

25 January 2016

Exploring future energy storage systems for construction machineries

Helena Berg talks about energy storage systems for construction machineries in conjunction with her lead role in a Construction Climate Challenge research initiative. Read the final report here.  Over the last 10 years an unprecedented surge has taken place in the manufacture of battery powered vehicles. The automotive industry has rose to the ever-increasing demand […]

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