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23 May 2018

EU agrees CO2 emissions limits for trucks with 30% reduction by 2030

CO2 emissions from trucks will be regulated under EU law for the first time as part of a package of new rules that also aims to increase efficiency and improve road safety. All new trucks will have to abide by CO2 emission standards under a new proposal revealed by the European Commission on 17 May. […]

22 May 2018

Air conditioning emerges as a key driver of electricity growth

Cooling down is catching on. As incomes rise and populations grow, especially in the world’s hotter regions, the use of air conditioners is becoming increasingly common. In fact, the use of air conditioners and electric fans already accounts for about a fifth of the total electricity in buildings around the world – or 10% of […]

18 May 2018

High-tech CityTree cleans as much pollution as 275 trees

The CityTree is a new technology that cleans the air, while occupying just 1% of the space that would be needed using the 275 real trees it replaces. Cities are expanding, but the majority of them are also exceeding health limits for air pollution. Innovations that are small in size but can help clean the […]

16 May 2018

EU to set C02 limits for heavy-duty trucks

While cars and vans in the European Union have had limits on the amount of carbon they emit for some time, until now trucks have avoided the same fate. That will change this week, when the European Commission adopts a proposal for the EU’s first CO2 limits on heavy-duty vehicles. These vehicles make up just […]

15 May 2018

Zero-carbon aluminium smelting process developed by Alcoa

Mining firms Alcoa Corporation and Rio Tinto Aluminium have created a partnership involing Apple to accelerate commercialisation of new technology that eliminates all greenhouse gas emissions from the smelting process of aluminium. Alcoa had designed a completely new process that replaces that carbon with an advanced conductive material, and instead of carbon dioxide, it releases […]

11 May 2018

Urban farming could yield up to 10% of many food crops, says new research

Gotham Greens’ boxed lettuces have been popping up on the shelves of high-end grocers in New York and the Upper Midwest since 2009, and with names like “Windy City Crunch,” “Queens Crisp,” and “Blooming Brooklyn Iceberg,” it’s clear the company is selling a story as much as it is selling salad. Boxed lettuces are already […]

9 May 2018

Hydrogen should be used to store excess renewable power, say engineers

While renewable energy sources are providing large quantities of clean power and reducing carbon emissions, they face limitations for the electricity grid when wind and solar aren’t readily available. So far, policymakers have looked to battery technologies are a storate solution. A new report from the UK’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) says greater attention […]

8 May 2018

Wave energy set to become a key renewable and reduce emissions 

The wave energy market in Europe stands at potentially £46bn. Research from Marine Power Systems estimates that estimated global wave resources could potentially reach 4,000TWh annually provided the commercial case for the technology improves. Greatest progress on the required technology is being made in the UK. Last August, turbines harnessing tidal energy in the Pentland Firth […]

4 May 2018

‘Levels’ buildings sustainability framework moves into test phase

Last year, the European Commission introduced Level(s) a new framework of indicators to report on the sustainability performance of buildings. The Commission has now officially launched the two year testing phase for Level(s). This testing phase aims to support stakeholders across a buildings value chain, from designers though to facility managers; in testing the Level(s) indicators […]

3 May 2018

10 steps to reduce embodied carbon in construction lifecycle

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has published guidelines for architects and designers to reduce embodied carbon in the construction lifecycle: Reuse buildings instead of constructing new ones. Renovation and reuse projects typically save between 50 and 75 percent of the embodied carbon emissions compared to constructing a new building. This is especially true if the […]

2 May 2018

UN’s climate change body releases its first annual report

UN Climate Change today launched its first-ever Annual Report, laying out the key 2017 achievements and pointing to the future of the climate change process. “Climate Change is the single biggest threat to life, security and prosperity on Earth,” said UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa. “This annual report shows how UN Climate Change is […]

27 April 2018

Costs of climate action in China will be cancelled out by healthcare savings

  A new study by the prestigious Massachusts Insitute of Technology (MIT) suggests cost to China of climate policies targeting CO2 reduction will be more than cancelled out by reductions in healthcare costs from air pollution. The cost of reducing CO2 emissions over the long-term can be recouped by governments from short-term savings in healthcare […]

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