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21 February 2018

UNEP calls on industry to build to net zero carbon standards

The UNEP environment agency has called on industry issues an emergency call to action for the building industry: build to zero-carbon standards and retrofit existing stock. “Near-zero-energy, zero-emissions buildings need to become the construction standard globally within the next decade” to ensure average temperatures rise no more than 2°C. Energy retrofits also need to become […]

16 February 2018

Dutch build ‘vertical forest’ skyscraper as social housing

The Dutch city of Eindhoven will play host to new apartments designed to provide a model for low carbon, sustainable residential buildings. The Trudo Vertical Forest Tower will be a 75-meter high skyscraper, which will include space for 125 trees, and 5,200 plants. Vertical forests are the brainchild of Italian architect Stefano Boeri, who hopes […]

14 February 2018

‘Climate Action Tracker’ launched to help business focus on climate policies

  A free online tool The Climate Policy Tracker has been introduced by the “We Mean Business” coalition to help businesses keep up-to-date information on the landscape of climate regulation and realise the benefits of embracing a low-carbon future. We Mean Business is a global coalition of nonprofit organisations working to take action on climate […]

9 February 2018

WBCSD companies worth $1.3 trillion invest in circular economy awareness

A new global initiative, Factor10  aims to reinvent the way businesses source, use and dispose sources and materials that make up global trade.  More than 30 international companies valued at over $1.3 trillion have committed to fostering circular economy principles in their processes. The new initiative is part of the Factor10 programme which was established […]

7 February 2018

WorldGBC project helps put renovation into EU energy policy

The World Green Building Council’s BUILD UPON project scored a major win in January when Europe committed to put national renovation strategies at the heart of efforts to tackle climate change – a key recommendation from the project. The publication of the final text of the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) – a key EU […]

6 February 2018

Under2 Coalition gives a strong climate voice to regions

The Under2 Coalition created following the COP21 Paris Agreement now encompasses 205 governments representing more than 1.3 billion people and almost 40% of the global economy, who have committed to reduce GHG emissions by 2050. The Under2 Coalition provides a global forum for sub-national governments to work together towards carbon neutrality by 2050 . Signatories also submit […]

2 February 2018

Making buildings and infrastructure ‘lighter’ could cut extreme heat

With climate change exacerbating the heat-island effect, increasing urban temperatures and adding to heat-related deaths, cities like San Francisco have turned to innovative coating systems that reflect solar rays to cool temperatures and reduce energy use on cooling systems. New research, led by ETH Zurich with support from the University of Tasmania, UNSW, CSIRO and the US […]

31 January 2018

Major Swedish engine plant transformed into ‘climate-neutral’ site

Volvo’s engine factory in Sweden has become the firm’s first “climate-neutral” manufacturing plant after switching to renewable heating. All heating supplied to the Skövde plant will be generated from waste incineration, biomass and recycled bio-products, thanks to a new agreement between Volvo and a local supplier. The site, alongside Volvo’s other European plants, has already […]

9 January 2018

Low carbon electricity generation overtakes fossil fuels in UK for first time

In 2017, more than half of the electricity generated in the UK came from low-carbon sources for the first time according to Carbon Brief. The combination of nuclear and renewables generated more electricity in 2017 than all fossil fuels combined. Within this total, wind alone generated more than twice as much electricity as coal. WWF […]

15 December 2017

Circular economy programme needs greater long-term support says report

A new report has called on European Union  institutions to promote resource efficiency beyond the completion of the Circular Economy Package. By learning from best practice scenarios, some €324bn could be added to the EU’s economy by 2030. A new report “Beyond the Circular Economy Package: maintaining momentum on resource efficiency” has been published by […]

13 December 2017

One Planet Summit: Financial majors and the World Bank get behind climate challenge

Two years on from COP21 and the historic Paris Agreement, France President, Emmanuel Macron, Jim Yong Kim President of the World Bank Group, and António Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations, brought together leading international players in the climate debate to review progress. So far the fight against climate change has increasingly been waged by […]

6 December 2017

EEA: industry across Europe responsible for over half of key pollutants in air

Industry across Europe is responsible for more than half of all carbon dioxide, particulate matter and other key pollutants emitted into the air, according to updated industrial pollution country profiles published today by the European Environment Agency (EEA). A new EEA study shows that industry remains a major emitter of pollution. Country by country profiles […]

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