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11 April 2018

Skanska:“emissions goals cannot be achieved without tracking embodied carbon”

While it is recognisd that buildings generate more than 170 million tons of construction waste annually; they account for almost 14 percent of all potable water use; and are responsible for almost 40 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, there is a metric missing from our daily conversations: embodied carbon, says Stacy Smedley* of Skanska USA. […]

30 March 2018

Cost of renewables continues to tumble

Over the past year the cost of new solar plants dropped 20%, while onshore wind prices dropped 12%. Since 2010, the prices for lithium-ion batteries — crucial to energy storage — have plummeted a stunning 79% and are projected to keep dropping, according to the latest Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) report. The economic case for […]

23 March 2018

IEA: CO2 emissions on the rise for first time in three years

Greenhouse gas emissions from the global energy industry rose 1.4 per cent in 2017, marking the first rise in three years, according to new data released by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The IEA said the uptick in emissions was fuelled by a 2.1 per cent growth in global energy demand last year – more […]

20 March 2018

Smart lampposts could deliver energy savings of between 50-70%. 

European cities spend around €3bn on streetlighting each year, and this figure could be reduced to around €900 million through smart lampposts, An EU smart cities programme is pioneering the delivery of smart lampposts in six cities across Europe, including London, Lisbon and Milan. ‘Sharing Cities’ is aiming to provide an initial 56,000 units in […]

2 March 2018

Swedish utility plans major investment in large scale solar generation 

The Swedish state utility Vattenfall plans to invest $100m in large scale solar energy generation over the next two years as it steps up its plans to become fossil fuel free “within a generation”. The SEK1bn investment will go towards developing solar power plants, primarily large scale, throughout 2018 and 2019. The company said it […]

28 February 2018

100 cities worldwide now get over 70% of electricity from renewables

Major cities such as Auckland, Nairobi, Seattle and Vancouver now get the majority of their electricity needs from renewables such as hydro, geothermal, solar and wind. The list, compiled by non-profit CDP, is more than double the 42 cities that reported that they were powered by at least 70% clean energy in 2015. With cities […]

20 February 2018

Dutch ‘Energiesprong’ low carbon housing expands across Europe

Energiesprong is an innovative, whole house refurbishment system developed in the Netherland which incorporates a practical and effective funding approach. In the past two years the approach has been launched in France, Germany, the UK and also New York State. It originated as a government-funded innovation programme and has set a new standard in this […]

29 January 2018

Is your home the power plant of the future?

With the price of solar power falling dramatically in the past four decades, this development has empowered individuals to install solar panels in their homes and produce their own energy. Individuals with home solar have become more independent and can avoid potential increases in electricity bills from utilities. Moreover, it allows homeowners to better control […]

19 January 2018

Skanska launches solar glass ‘revolution’ for energy-neutral buildings

Swedish construction giant Skanska has teamed up with Polish solar tech firm Saule Technologies to make perovskite solar cells available for use in commercial-scale construction. Saule Technologies, which has been developing the semi-transparent perovskite solar cells cells since 2014, uses ink jet technology to ‘print’ solar cells to any size and shape needed to cover […]

10 January 2018

2018 sets off race to renovate Europe’s building stock

2018 looks set to be a defining year for energy and environment policy in Europe, as important legislative files move towards becoming EU law. The new year will see EU lawmakers, officials and member states meet to negotiate and hammer out laws that will take the bloc all the way up to 2030. Clean Energy […]

9 January 2018

Low carbon electricity generation overtakes fossil fuels in UK for first time

In 2017, more than half of the electricity generated in the UK came from low-carbon sources for the first time according to Carbon Brief. The combination of nuclear and renewables generated more electricity in 2017 than all fossil fuels combined. Within this total, wind alone generated more than twice as much electricity as coal. WWF […]

16 November 2017

COP23: IEA report points to global shifts in the energy system

The latest World Energy Outlook report published by the International Energy Agency to coincide with the COP23 conference in Bonn, points to four large-scale shifts in the global energy system. The report highlights the rapid deployment and falling costs of clean energy technologies, the growing electrification of energy, the shift to a more services-oriented economy […]

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