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18 April 2018

WGBC: “We need to manage suppliers and understand embodied carbon across the construction supply chain”

Managing suppliers and understanding the embodied carbon is necessary across the construction supply chain – so that everybody is coordinated could make a big difference – and it’s not happening enough,” says Teri Wills, CEO of the World Green Building Council (WGBC). “The current diffused responsibility makes green building that much more difficult, but this […]

27 March 2018

Skanska aims to be first for the new PAS2080 carbon standard

Skanska has slashed its carbon use across the business in a bid to become the UK’s first contractor to gain the new PAS 2080 carbon industry standard. The standard was developed by BSI (British Standards Institution) and launched two years ago to try to mitigate climate change through carbon reduction. It is seen as the world’s first carbon […]

27 February 2018

EU digital construction seminar points way to common European strategy

A high level EU seminar on digital construction brought together four organisations of major industries (CECE, Construction Products Europe, FIEC and EBC) to develop a vision of a common European digital construction strategy. “Having a collaborative and inclusive strategy for the European construction industry will help us to figure out where our industry wants to […]

9 February 2018

WBCSD companies worth $1.3 trillion invest in circular economy awareness

A new global initiative, Factor10  aims to reinvent the way businesses source, use and dispose sources and materials that make up global trade.  More than 30 international companies valued at over $1.3 trillion have committed to fostering circular economy principles in their processes. The new initiative is part of the Factor10 programme which was established […]

12 January 2018

Supply chain training needed for sustainable construction

Some 67 companies in the UK construction sector are jointly financing a school dedicated to helping subcontractors and suppliers to develop their sustainability knowledge and competence and promote low carbon construction. The Supply Chain Sustainability School offers free access to a virtual learning environment with the aim of making all members of the supply chain better able […]

28 November 2017

Green technology and BIM workflows reshaping future construction industry

The growing trend towards prefabricated, offsite and modular construction and the use of Buildings Information Modelling (BIM) are emerging tech trends reshaping the industry and helping to futureproof the built environment. When construction moves offsite, material can be managed with extreme efficiency, reducing costs and driving down a building’s final embodied carbon. Stock can be […]

22 November 2017

EC publishes toolkit for ‘Levels’ sustainable buildings indicators

After extensive consultation with industry the European Commission (EC) has developed a framework of indicators so introduce greater sustainability into the construction process. Known as Level(s), it is a voluntary reporting framework that uses existing standards, to provides a common EU approach to the assessment of environmental performance in the built environment. To support these […]

11 October 2017

‘Supply chain is the next frontier in sustainability’, says the Carbon Trust

The world’s largest corporate buyers are ramping up efforts to reduce emissions across their supply chains, according to research from global disclosure organisation CDP. The CDP  Global Supply Chain Report 2017 reveals that global supply chain emissions fell by 434 million tonnes in 2016 – more than France’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2014. […]

6 September 2017

Launch of sustainable procurement standard will improve supply chains

The first construction company to be assessed under the new ISO 2040 sustainable procurement standard is the UK’s Balfour Beatty. ISO 2040, the world’s first international standard for sustainable procurement, was initiated in 2013 by a committee of more than 40 nations. Balfour Beatty is a member of the Supply Chain School, an initiative which […]

4 August 2017

BIM modelling at the heart of expansion of Panama Canal

The $5.25 billion expansion of the Panama Canal is one of the world’s largest civil engineering schemes and will vastly increase its capacity. At the heart of the infrastructure development is the use of Building Information Modelling – BIM. Panama Canal handles around 5% of all global trade, making it one of the most important waterways on […]

27 June 2017

The construction sector needs better data to decarbonise

The construction sector must decarbonise by 2050 in order to keep global warming below two degrees. But it will fail without better data and changing its practices more quickly. The tools are available to do so, but the industry must find new ways to deploy them effectively, warned speakers at the World Sustainable Built Environment conference (WSBE) in June. […]

12 May 2017

California High Speed Rail targets supplier management to deliver low carbon solutions

The $ 64 billion infrastructure project in California to build a 520 mile high-speed rail linking San Francisco and Los Angelos looks to radically change transportation habits and “shrink the state”. At the same time it is looking to maximize sustainability and minimize carbon use. Speaking at the CCC Seminar at Conexpo, Las Vegas, Sustainability […]

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