10 April 2018

Japan plans world’s tallest wooden skyscraper

Japan is planning to build a 70 storey skyscraper made of wood. The structure would be earthquake proof and could help revitalise the country’s timber industry. The design concept for the “W350 Project” in Tokyo includes wraparound balconies draped with foliage to provide occupants access to fresh air, daylight, and views. The Japanese construction company […]

6 April 2018

Cities and architects unite to combat climate change

A global competition has been launched, inviting architects to propose innovative solutions that tackle urban density and climate change in different parts of the world. Reinventing Cities is a global initiative that invites architects to explore different ways of tackling the challenges of climate change and urban density through creatively reimagining neglected parts of our cities. This […]

3 April 2018

Sweden plans world’s first fossil-free steel plant

A ‘globally-unique’ pilot plant for fossil-free steel is being planned for Northern Sweden. Behind the HYBRIT initiative are steel producers SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall. The planning and designing is expected to cost SEK 20 million and will be part financed by the Swedish Energy Agency (50%) and the remainder by SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall. The […]

21 March 2018

Ecofriendly nano wood developed to replace styrofoam insulation

A lightweight, strong material derived from wood works better than the heat-insulating substances used today. The insulator, which its developers call “nanowood”, is easy and cheap to make, biodegradable, and could slash the carbon footprint of homes and office buildings. Researchers have been searching for low-cost, effective insulators that are sustainable. The team of scientists and engineers […]

14 March 2018

3D printing project aims to revolutionize low-cost housing

A new type of 3D printer has been unveiled is able to build houses using concrete in 24 hours at a cost of just 4000 dollars. The development is targeted at the Third World where speed and low cost are essential. The project is a collaboration between a U.S. housing non-profit New Story and construction […]

7 March 2018

Integrated carbon capture solution unveiled for cement and concrete

A team of five companies led by CarbonCure Technologies has unveiled the world’s first integrated CO2 capture and utilisation (CCU) from cement for concrete production. Cement is the binding agent that when added with ingredients like sand, aggregate, admixtures, and water, is used to form concrete products, which is the most widely used building material in […]

27 February 2018

EU digital construction seminar points way to common European strategy

A high level EU seminar on digital construction brought together four organisations of major industries (CECE, Construction Products Europe, FIEC and EBC) to develop a vision of a common European digital construction strategy. “Having a collaborative and inclusive strategy for the European construction industry will help us to figure out where our industry wants to […]

30 January 2018

Fungus additive helps concrete repair itself

Researchers have found a fungus which when added to concrete can help it repair its own cracks. There are many concrete structures across the world suffering from serious deterioration. Cracks are very common due to various chemical and physical phenomena that occur during everyday use. Concrete shrinks as it dries, which can cause cracks. It […]

23 January 2018

Swedish firm cuts the cost of wind turbines through use of wood fibre

A Swedish start-up looks set to reduce the cost of a wind turbine by 30% – by using a wood-based “natural carbon fibre” to replace concrete in the masts of giant wind turbines. Gothenberg-based Modvion, which is backed by the country’s Energy Agency, is using glulam, a plywood product that can outperform the strength of […]

19 January 2018

Skanska launches solar glass ‘revolution’ for energy-neutral buildings

Swedish construction giant Skanska has teamed up with Polish solar tech firm Saule Technologies to make perovskite solar cells available for use in commercial-scale construction. Saule Technologies, which has been developing the semi-transparent perovskite solar cells cells since 2014, uses ink jet technology to ‘print’ solar cells to any size and shape needed to cover […]

5 January 2018

Floating cities – a practical solution for countering climate change

Floating cities are being developed in Polynesia as a sustainable place to live and a solution for rising sea levels, but they could also potentially help coral reefs recover and provide a habitat for marine life. The construction of the first floating villa is planned for 2020. This would include around 15 islands 82 by 82 […]

19 December 2017

Low carbon homes are built from farm waste

A Danish firm has developed a modular home out of materials upcycled from agricultural waste to create an eco-friendly building with a minimal carbon footprint. Located in Middelfart, Denmark, and called the “Biological House,” the project was built from recovered grass, straw, seagrass, and other natural “leftovers” that otherwise would have been burned and which were […]

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