During 2014-2015, the Construction Climate Challenge funded four different research activities. Learn more about the results below.

First perspective should be sustainability

Researcher Åsa Ericson means we have to go beyond the product horizon and start to think about sustainability as a first perspective. Sustainability innovation needs to be part of the whole value chain, and at the core of all processes. 

Read more about the research project Developing innovation for change – Enablers for sustainability here.

Business models to drive change

Researcher Johan Sanne believes business models are crucial when shaping a sustainable future, especially when it comes to a reduction of CO2 emissions. His research suggests incentives are required to drive change. 

Read more about the research project Designing a business model to reduce CO2-emissions from construction machinery – aligning business and environmental objectives here.

Sustainability crucial when selecting batteries

Battery performance is only half of the challenge. To select the right battery it is crucial that sustainability calculations run parallel to economical costs. That is one of the findings in Helena Bergs research. 

Read more about the research project Exploring future energy storage systems for construction machineries – a sustainability review here.

Important to estimate emissions from construction machines

Researcher Xiaoliang Ma believes that the industry needs to make an effort to find effective ways to estimate emissions during construction operations. Him and his team developed a model to evaluate emissions from construction machines. 

Read more about the research project Sustainable Construction Operations for Reduced Emissions – a pre-study on emission modeling of construction machinery and construction process simulation here.