Recycled glass transformed into eco-friendly construction material for wall coverings  

Landfill waste – glass and plastic – is the main component of a new low C02 wall board material, recycled glass hybrid (RGH) for sustainable construction.

It consists of the crushed glass recycled almost to dust that usually goes to landfill. By combining RGH with recycled plastic the UK firm C2M has created a material that can be formed into numerous products including wall boards. These can be used in the building industry to replace the far more eco-wasteful gypsum-based boards, and have the added benefit that they can be ground down and used again. The boards are 50 times greener to manufacture than gypsum-based boards, the company says, and uses just 238 grams of carbon in its manufacture compared to 12 kilos for the gypsum.

The new material already has 43 applications, from wall boards to roof tiles to concrete plinth under graveyard headstones. The process will be available internationally by 2016.

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January 23, 2015