10 year plan to rewire the global economy developed by CISL

A ten-year plan to lay the foundations of a sustainable economy has been developed by University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability (CISL). It is built on ten interconnected tasks, to be delivered by three key groups of leaders: government, finance and business.

Their report: Rewiring the Economy shows how they can be tackled co-operatively over the next decade to create an economy that encourages sustainable business practices and delivers positive outcomes for people and societies.

CISL’s ambition is to work with leaders from across its global network to explore how best to reflect this, through leadership development, business model innovation, sustainable finance and a just transition to a low carbon economy.

Beyond its network, it wants the plan to become a strategic compass-bearing for governments, businesses and finance leaders around the world, inspiring new collaboration and enabling a fundamental change in how the global economy is harnessed for social and environmental good.

See CISL report here


July 7, 2015