Solar has potential to grow from 175 GW in 2014 up to 2.5 TW by 2030

Doubling renewables in the global energy mix by 2030 is not only feasible, but cheaper than not doing so. Economic savings would far exceed the costs, according to a new report by IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency). It would create more jobs, boost economic growth and save millions of lives annually through reduced air pollution.

When coupled with greater energy efficiency, tt would also put the world on track to keep the rise of temperatures within 2°C, in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement. But to meet that goal, renewable energy deployment must happen six times faster than current rates.

The second edition of IRENA’s global roadmap provides an in-depth perspective on the energy transition in 40 economies, representing 80% of global energy use. It offers concrete technology options and outlines solutions to accelerate renewable energy growth.

The age of renewables is here. But without concerted action, they cannot reach their potential soon enough to meet international climate and development targets. For decision makers in the public and private sectors alike, this roadmap sends an alert — on the opportunities at hand and the costs of not taking them.

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March 18, 2016