EU publishes criteria for green public procurement for roads

A new voluntary set of construction-related criteria for Road Design, Construction and Maintenance has been published by the EU authorities.

The publication of the EU Green Public Procurement(GPP)  criteria follows a review process undertaken by the European Commission’s DG for Environment and the Joint Research Centre (JRC).

The newly published EU GPP criteria aim at helping public authorities procure greener construction or renovation works in a cost-effective way. The criteria are accompanied by a Procurement practice guidance document aimed at facilitating the use of the criteria in the different stages of procuring a road. The new criteria are available in English and the other official languages will follow soon.

The EUPAVE association has also actively participated in the revision of the GPP criteria for road construction.  It believes that a correct evaluation can only be done through a complete life-cycle assessment, including the use and operational phase of the pavement, over an appropriate service life.

It promotes “Design-Build-Operate” as the best procurement method in order to achieve the best performing solutions on the long term.

Member States and their contracting authorities should to follow and implement these criteria when procuring in the future. roads.

EC document Green Public Procurement


November 1, 2016