Collaborative working is the key to carbon reduction in infrastructure projects, says Skanska’s Mike Putnam

Created: November 28, 2016. Updated: January 25, 2018.

To achieve carbon reduction in infrastructure projects you need leadership, collaboration – at project level and at an industry level, says Mike Putnam, President and CEO of Skanska, and chair of the Green Construction Board. And you need to build the culture of the organisation or the project where you are working.

The key challenge for the future is simply making it happen, he says.

“It is about accelerating the change and increasing the consistency with which we tackle carbon across the infrastructure, and then accelerating that change. Because we still have a long way to go.

“Going forward the process has to include everyone involved in construction. It’s government, clients, the tier 1 contractors, and the whole supply chain – subcontractors, suppliers, other 3rd parties, consultants etc .

“It is about all of us working together in a truly collaborative way, and tackling carbon from the outset. It needs early involvement to set the scene and achieve these carbon reduction goals.”

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