Supply chain training needed for sustainable construction

Supply chain training needed for sustainable construction

Some 67 companies in the UK construction sector are jointly financing a school dedicated to helping subcontractors and suppliers to develop their sustainability knowledge and competence and promote low carbon construction.

The Supply Chain Sustainability School offers free access to a virtual learning environment with the aim of making all members of the supply chain better able to address the sustainability challences the industry faces.

The Supply Chain Sustainability School is all about developing training and competence in the supply chain on sustainability issues, says James Cadman, Lead Consultant, Action Sustainability. “We cover the 10 key sustainability issues from carbon, water down to biodiversity and fairness and respect and the other social issues.

“The whole purpose is to develop the skills and the competence of those suppliers so that they feel confident to engage with their clients on these topics.”

Mutual interest in industry-wide collaboration

The School was set up a collaboration between clients, contractors and 1st tier suppliers who have a mutual interest in building the skills of their supply chain. It currently has 67 Partners ranging from Skanska, Willmott Dixon, Sir Robert McAlpine etc.

Using the school, companies can self assess current knowledge, develop a prioritised action plan and access free sustainability training

The School offers a personalised action plan, e-learning, case studies, suppliers days and training workshops. It focuses on scenarios for reducing carbon: materials, disposal of waste, logistics and plant, avoiding excavation, use of virgin materials, maintenance and repair. It also covers leadership, behaviour, governance, project delivery etc.

The end result is collaboration up and down the value chain to continually seek options to reduce carbon.

Speaking at the CCC sponsored seminar on PAS2080 Cadman stressed that education and training is essential for sustainability and carbon reduction.

“If you don’t know what you are talking about you cant engage and successfully deliver to your client. Unless you have that training and that skills development you will not be part of the conversation.

“PAS2080 is a great framework for giving suppliers and contractors the undersanding of how they can develop carbon reduction techniques and the solutions they can bring to market and also demonstrate them to their clients and stakeholders.”

The training process essential for engaging with contractors and suppliers up and down the value chain.

“The training gives them the opportunity to actually bring forward innovation and ideas and actually demonstrate that this design brings carbon benefits, financial benefits and other sustainability benefits as well,” Cadman said.

Interview with James Cadman, Action Sustainability:

The Supply Chain Sustainability School

January 12, 2018