Dutch ‘Energiesprong’ low carbon housing expands across Europe

Dutch ‘Energiesprong’ low carbon housing expands across Europe

Energiesprong is an innovative, whole house refurbishment system developed in the Netherland which incorporates a practical and effective funding approach. In the past two years the approach has been launched in France, Germany, the UK and also New York State.

It originated as a government-funded innovation programme and has set a new standard in this market. Energiesprong uses the social housing sector in each market as the launching market for these solutions, with a view to later scale to the private home-owner market. The mission of Energiesprong International is to scale this approach to other markets.

Zero energy solution

Around 2,000 Energiesprong homes have been completed in the Netherlands, of which around 60% were renovations of existing properties and 40% new builds.

Currently, Energiesprong teams are active in France, the UK, Germany and New York State.  The independent Energiesprong team (Energiesprong Foundation) drives and coordinates the expansion and works with national delivery teams in each market.

Annually, a Net Zero Energy house generates sufficient energy to heat the house, provide hot water and power its household appliances. A refurbishment comes with a 30-year performance warranty on both the indoor climate and the energy performance. Money normally spent on energy bills and maintenance work pays for the upgrade. This way, residents get a refreshed, warm and comfortable home at the same (or lower) cost of living.

In January, 10 homes in Nottingham became the first Energiesprong houses in the UK. Energiesprong is able to deliver net zero energy performance to existing houses in under a week, without residents moving out, at an affordable costThe Energiesprong approach upgrades homes with a new exterior, fitting the outside of the building with new walls, windows, a solar roof and new electrical heating systems. Developer Melius Homes and social landlord Nottingham City Homes have worked together on the scheme, with solar photovoltaic roofing supplied by UK manufacturer, Viridian Solar.

The Benefits

The new fittings will drastically reduce household energy bills and make the homes warmer. Instead of paying gas and electricity bills, residents now pay a reduced energy services fee to the social landlords. The guaranteed income, which accounts for savings on planned maintenance costs, can then be used to fund further Energiesprong projects. It is hoped the projects can eventually be carried out without government support, boosting attraction for financial markets.

Energiesprong UK, the organisation overseeing project developments in the UK, suggests that the refurbishment process must be carried out at around £40,000 to be self-financing. Currently, the Nottingham scheme was around £75,000 per unit, with additional “top-up” income provided by other organisations.

The current pilot is part of a smart city solutions cluster, delivered by Nottingham during a three-year period under the European-funded REMOURBAN project, which aims to showcase sustainability within regeneration projects in towns and cities.

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February 20, 2018