“We need to change behaviors”

Legislation might have a role in dealing with the carbon challenge, but Andy Robinson, Partner, Urban Innovation Labs, believes that changing behaviors is the only real way to deal with the issue.

Andy Robinson says that the first behavior lever is industry consensus. The industry needs to come together to tackle the carbon problem the same way at it has tackled other problems before, for example problems with health and safety.

“The second one is reputational – where having a high carbon scheme is seen as being fundamentally the wrong thing to do and that there is a reputational pressure to actually address it,” says Andy Robinson.

The third lever is money. By driving people to do the right things within the scheme, Robinson believes that people will develop low carbon schemes if they can get money as a lower rate.

According to Robinson there are many areas for innovations within the construction industry.

“I believe that digital and data will revolutionize the construction sector. With BIM, for example, we have made massive progress on level one and level two and we’re now looking into level three and level four. A second example is recycling. We’ve done a lot of work within the industry on recycling of steel but there are a lot of materials within buildings where the circular economy model for these materials haven’t actually been developed yet.”

April 22, 2018

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