ACE webinar explains the EU’s ‘Level(s) building performance framework

ACE webinar explains the EU’s ‘Level(s) building performance framework

The Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE), in partnerships with BUILD UP, organised a webinar on Level(s) to explain how it works and its potential benefits for architect.

Level(s) is a voluntary reporting framework developed by the European Union to improve the sustainability of buildings. Using existing standards, Level(s) provides a common EU approach to the assessment of environmental performance in the built environment.

See the webinar which explains and discusses what Level(s) is, how it works and what is its usefulness .

Presentations by:

  • Josefina LINDBLOM: EU Commission (DG Environment)

General introduction into Level(s): what it is, how it works

  • Esfand BURMAN: University College London (UCL), Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (IEDE)

The benefits of a holistic approach to building performance data

  • Peter Andreas SATTRUP: Senior advisor at the Danish Association of Architectural Firms

What is the potential of Level(s) for architects?

  • Josefina LINDBLOM: EU Commission (DG Environment

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June 29, 2018