The construction sector must reduce carbon emissions soon

Created: September 24, 2018. Updated: September 24, 2018.

Around 38 percent of global energy related emissions come from building and construction. Leadership, procurement and innovation are key to being able to reduce carbon emissions in the industry, says Terri Wills, CEO, World Green Building Council (WGBC).

Since the construction and infrastructure industry plays a huge role in producing greenhouse gas emissions there is also a potential for industry to dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

“Industry can really help us to achieve the Paris Agreement of two degrees, or ideally below two degrees, of global warming,” says Terri Wills.

She is clear about what has to be done. Focus needs to lie on leadership, procurement and innovation.

“We need to do all three. We need really strong leaders to set really strong and ambitious targets. That then needs to be fed down into procurement and real estate policies so that it becomes binding and can have a wider impact through the whole supply chain. That then actually spurs innovation.”

Terri Wills stresses that it is really important that there is a clear signal sent to industry that there must be change soon and that solutions are needed.

“We need to pour more resources and commitment into research and development. We have amazing technologies and so much knowledge. There’s a lot that can be done as long as the right efforts are placed in the right direction.”


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