Carbon Neutrality Coalition to deliver net-zero emissions expands to 19 countries

Carbon Neutrality Coalition for net-zero emissions expands to 19 countries

In the build up to the COP24 Climate Summit in December some 19 countries have signed up to the Carbon Neutrality Coalition, committing their nations to delivering accelerated decarbonisation.

The Declaration of the Carbon Neutrality Coalition has been signed by: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Luxembourg, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, and Sweden.

New Zealand initiative

The Carbon Neutrality Coalition came out of the One Planet Summit in December 2017 and is an initiative led by New Zealand and the Marshall Islands to deliver ambitious actions in support of the Paris Agreement aim of net-zero emissions by the second half of the century.

The 19 members have together now adopted a ‘Plan of Action’ to build global momentum for developing robust long-term climate strategies. The Plan of Action will take into account the conclusions of the hotly-anticipated upcoming IPCC special report on how to avoid more than 1.5C of global warming, the higher ambition goal in the Paris Agreement. The report is expected to highlight the need for urgent global action if the world is to keep within 1.5C of warming by 2100.

Coalition members have agreed to develop and share their decarbonisation strategies, experiences, data and tools before 2020, and to promote increased ambition from all countries globally on reducing emissions.

Coalition members will have to develop and share long-term emissions reductions strategies before 2020. The strategies will require climate change to become central in government decision-making, while promoting the social and economic benefits that the transition can bring. The Carbon Neutrality Coalition came out of the One Planet Summit in December 2017.

The hope is that if a number of major economies submit plans to strengthen the emissions reduction proposals they submitted under the Paris Agreement before the treaty comes into full effect in 2020 then others will similarly ramp up ambition.


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September 28, 2018