Sweden aims to be climate neutral by 2045

Through roadmaps from different business sectors, including the cement & concrete and construction industries, Sweden aims to be climate neutral by 2045. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is no longer considered a burden and is now a natural step towards strengthening competitiveness.

Read the full roadmap here. 

Ahead of the COP 21 climate change conference in Paris in 2015, the Swedish Government launched the Fossil Free Sweden initiative. The aim was to gather stakeholders from all sectors of society who share the vision of Sweden being one of the world’s first fossil free welfare nations and are themselves prepared to contribute to the transition. Today, more than 350 companies, municipalities, regions and organizations are taking part in the initiative.

In 2017, the Swedish Parliament adopted a climate policy framework that included a goal to make Sweden climate neutral by 2045. Fossil Free Sweden has therefore encouraged business industries to create their own roadmaps on how they will be fossil free by that time. They contain industry descriptions on how and when they will be fossil free, what technical solutions need to be developed, what investments need to be made and the obstacles that need to be overcome. They also include proposals regarding commitments for each industry’s stakeholders and political solutions.

In the construction and civil engineering roadmap, it says that the sector can halve its emissions as early as 2030 by using existing technologies and reach zero emissions by 2045 by using technology currently being developed.

The first nine roadmaps were presented to the Swedish Government in April 2018. Read the summary of all the roadmaps here.

October 11, 2018