Green construction increases property value, new study shows

Green construction increases property value, new study shows

A US study shows that green construction methods increase a building’s value by 4%.

The World Green Building Trends 2016 SmartMarket Report (Dodge Data & Analytics’  ) found that leading green building contractors are implementing sustainable practices across their projects and company culture which not only minimize their environmental impact but also to attain competitive advantage amid growing public prioritization of climate change mitigation and corporate governance.

Key among these is Skanska which led construction on 101 Seaport, a LEED Platinum-certified tower on the Boston waterfront that uses about 50% less energy and 40% less water.About a quarter of the construction materials were sourced locally, while landscaping and underground parking aim to reduce the city’s heat island effect.

The company is keen to promote Best Practice and recently developed a tool that quantifies a project’s embodied carbon (associated with the building’s materials), recognizing that this measure often receives less attention than operational energy and carbon but is equally important to “bend the carbon curve down,” said Chief Sustainability Officer Elizabeth Heider.

EC3, which will be publicly released in 2019, is an interactive tool that helps stakeholders “balance out [their] project in a way that will reduce the embodied carbon,” she said.

The world’s first high-rise to achieve LEED Platinum certification is the 55-story One Bryant Park office tower in New York City. The building includes a cogeneration plant (providing both heat and power), graywater systems, green roof areas and other sustainable features.

With AECOM Tishman as construction manager the building “embeds sustainability and high-performance building experts within the design process,” said Claire Bonham-Carter, director of sustainable development for AECOM’s Buildings and Places business line. The company emphasizes strong collaboration from the project outset and uses “advanced modeling methods” from concepts to commissioning, she added.

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Photo credit: Skanska USA

November 16, 2018