NCC SVP busts myth: Emission reduction does not have to be expensive

Created: February 4, 2019. Updated: February 4, 2019.

“We really need to do our homework here,” says Christina Lindbäck, SVP Corporate Sustainability at construction company NCC.

“Within NCC the strategic work with sustainability is high on the agenda and we see that is our way forward.”

In her role as SVP Corporate Sustainability at NCC, Lindbäck has a unique perspective on the whole region. NCC has a presence in all Nordic markets and had revenues of over $6 billion in 2017.

Even though Lindbäck gives the Nordic countries credit for their respective work in electrification, circular economy, social inclusion and the Swedish Roadmap which have gathered the whole industry, she sees an additional source of inspiration on the other side of the Norwegian Sea – the UK. According to Lindbäck, the British have been better at combining emission reducing activities with lowering costs.

“We really need to do our homework here. I often meet lots of prejudice against new solutions and a misconception that they have to drive costs. I think we can be inspired by [the UK],” she says.

Reaching climate neutrality in the long term is a big challenge for the entire industry. Christina Lindbäck has three key tips for the industry to get closer to the end goal: New contract forms, more partnerships, and setting goals at company level.

“I have seen at NCC that climate goals have been a positive driving force, raising knowledge among the employees and creating a fighting spirit,” Lindbäck says.


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