“Some industries would be bankrupt with the same material losses that you can find in the construction industry” 

Created: March 4, 2019. Updated: March 12, 2019.

The industries with the biggest climate impact are also where the biggest savings need to be made. “The construction industry is a traditional industry that tends to look inwards, but must look sideways to be able to achieve its tough climate targets,” says Mats Landén, Head of Corporate Partnerships, WWF Sweden.

Through corporate partnerships the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) works together with companies who have aspirations to be transformational and not only want to change themselves but also want to be an inspiration for their industries.

“Through these collaborations, we hope to achieve more than we could have done individually by working separately on these issues – so one plus one become  three,” says Mats Landén.

In heavy industries with big climate impacts, such as the construction industry, there are also possibilities to make big savings. Where there are complex value chains and supply chains, Mats Landén highlights the importance of collaborations between suppliers and customers.

“It’s tricky, but if you are not able to crack it, you will not be able to achieve the very though goals that we have ahead of us.”

Landén also emphasizes that the construction industry is quite traditional and tends to look inwards.

“There is a need to look sideways and to learn from other industries to be able to achieve the climate tough targets. If, for example, the process industries would allow themselves the same kind of material losses that you can find in the construction industry, they would be bankrupt by now.”


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