Norwegian network helps create green and fossil-free future for the construction sector

Created: March 14, 2019. Updated: January 17, 2020.

Norway’s construction industry accounts for 30 percent of the GHG emissions from the transport sector. In addition, there are indirect emissions from building materials. The Grønn Anleggssektor (Green Construction sector) network unites companies across the sector to encourage competition and innovation for more climate-friendly construction.

In the wake of the Paris Agreement, the world community has to reduce its climate emissions to keep the temperature rise below two degrees. While Norway has been a pioneer of the electrification of cars, to be able to reduce emissions even more, the construction industry must play an important role.

In August 2017, contractor and real estate development company NCC and research institute SINTEF joined together with transport agencies and suppliers from the construction industry to establish the Green Construction sector network. The network will be financially supported by the Research Council of Norway until 2020, but the network plan to continue the collaboration also after the current financial support ends.

Today the Green Construction sector network consists of 45 companies across the construction and infrastructure sector value chain. Its aim is to secure the sectors’ competitiveness and support innovations and new forms of science and policies to create a green and fossil-free future. Their hope is to be one of Norway’s most important arenas for the development of competitive solutions for a climate-friendly construction sector.

“The keyword for the network is discussion. The goal is to be a venue where we can talk about current themes for how to reduce the emissions from the sector. We meet approximately every six weeks and discuss different topics each time. We want to share knowledge and ideas between different actors within the sector so that they can work more effectively and profitably while taking steps towards a more sustainable operation,” says Terje Kristensen, project manager for the Green Construction sector network.

The network is also working to create a roadmap for the construction sector on how the industry should act to be able to reach the Norwegian goal of a 40 percent reduction of GHG emissions during the construction phase by 2030. The roadmap will be finalized by the end of 2019.

“I think that the future of the construction industry is very positive. Our members are ambitious and co-operative. They are eager to contribute with their ideas and expertise into the discussion on how we should proceed in order to reach the goals.” Terje Kristensen says.

The network’s goals are to:

  • Increase green innovation and wealth creation in the construction sector.
  • Find realistic, feasible environmental objectives that provide measurable impact.
  • Create new research and development projects that promote green solutions.
  • Strengthen the competitiveness for individual partners.
  • Increase common understanding of challenges and opportunities between the public and private sectors.
  • Establish a common road map for a green construction sector.

All actors from the construction sector are welcome to join the network.