“Carbon does not have to be a tricky topic”

Created: April 1, 2019. Updated: April 1, 2019.

There is sometimes a lot of confusion surrounding the topic of carbon. It’s an invisible material that not everyone is used to working with. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Many companies are already used to value engineering based on cost. Lara Young, Group Carbon Manager at Costain, states that the principle is the same with carbon but the industry just needs to look through a different lens. 

“We must demystify the topic of carbon and make it simple. To do this, we have to address it in the early stages, so that the question of how to reduce carbon forms part of the tender process with clients,” says Lara Young. 

The necessity of acting as early as possible is also important when it comes to driving innovation. When collaborating with clients, contractors and the supply chain must be involved early on.

Reducing carbon is also a proxy for reducing cost – one achieves the other.

“After demystifying carbon as a topic and communicating this across the board, we can identify ownership so that the leaders in each discipline can drive this forward within their sector to achieve greater carbon reductions overall, “ says Lara Young.

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