Malaysian Forest City project integrates green industry, infrastructure and residential
Malaysian Forest City project integrates green industry, infrastructure and residential

Malaysian Forest City project integrates green industry, infrastructure and residential

Created: July 2, 2019. Updated: July 2, 2019.

The Malaysian city of Johor has embarked on a comprehensive green smart new city project known as Forest City.

The project is a mixed-use development on four man-made islands in the Johor Strait. It combines high-end, infrastructure and residential accommodation.

It aims to building a green and smart city, providing human beings with an environmentally friendly and high-tech living environment.

Since the start of the project at the end of 2013, the Forest City has established a preliminary scale of the new city and has brought huge boosting effects to the economic and social development of Johor, Malaysia.

Multi-layered three dimensional city planning

Forest City is Southeast Asia’s first and largest mixed-use green development in terms of the number of units to be built with a vertical greenery and smart city design theme. It revolves around a multi-layered three dimensional city planning, with lush vertical greenery covered with dense foliage and multiple forms of public transportation operating at high efficiency, sustainable and renewable energy infrastructures.

With the use of futuristic green design and smart technologies, Country Garden Forest City Development is set to become a role model of future cities, adopting best practices to minimise environmental impact through integrated solutions to achieve zero impact to the surrounding area.

In September 2015, Forest City received the report on the environmental assessment issued by the Ministry of Environment of Malaysia (DEIA) and met each and every one of the 81 requirements in the environmental assessment report.

In the subsequent development process, the Forest City set up a water quality environmental monitoring system in the surrounding waters, and monitors environmental changes 24 hours a day to ensure that the water quality meets the environmental assessment requirements.

International awards

In addition, the green design and architectural concept of the Forest City has been widely recognized and received various international awards, including: Architectural Landscape Design Excellence Award by the Boston Society of Landscape Architects, and won the Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards on Planning and Design award, MIPIM Asia the “BEST FUTURA MEGA PROJECT” Award and LEED-CS Gold Pre-Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

In 2017, the Building Industrialization Base won the Global Green Building Industrialization Demonstration Park Award from the UN-HABITAT Award for Sustainable Urban and Human Settlements, and the Forest City Island and International Schools were awarded the Gold Award by GreenRE. On August 29, 2018, Iskandar Sergeant Noor Hashim Bin Mohammd visited the Forest City and awarded the Forest City the title of “Best Safe City”.

Country Garden Forest City is a city meant for the future, a vision and longing that was born out of 30 years of experience influenced by China’s pace of internationalisation – car free zone, luxury green living coexists with smart technologies and amenities, surrounded by the wonders of nature and is of close proximity to centres of education, healthcare, transportation, financial centres, and leisure attractions.

Forest City is expected to create more than 220,000 jobs for the locals by the year 2035,

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