Recycling of construction waste at centre of award winning Oslo development project
Recycling of construction waste at centre of award winning Oslo development project

Recycling of construction waste at centre of award winning Oslo development project

Created: July 16, 2019. Updated: July 16, 2019.

One of the winners of the C40 Cities ‘Reinventing Cities competition’ is a project of the Municipality of Oslo to create a residential and commercial space with ambitious carbon-neutral and net-zero energy goals. C40 Cities, an international network of 94 municipalities committed to realizing the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The ‘RECIPE FOR FUTURE LIVING’ project is located at the Fossumdumpa site looks to address the construction industry’s waste problem with an innovative circular economy approach.

The project will reduce 90 percent of emissions by upcycling local building components and construction materials.

The project will also host a start-up incubator community to promote ecological living and climate solutions and dedicate 50 % of the site to green public spaces, including gardens, beehives, greenhouses, aquaponics and orangeries.The city of Oslo is now preparing a new zoning plan for Fossumdumpa area.

The aim of the plan is to create a new and attractive urban space with a swimming-pool, residential cares and health services, possible new offices for the city administration and possible new dwellings or any function which can contribute to a positive development of Stovner.The plot area has a total size of about 10.000 square meters which also will include part of the new public spaces in accordance with the new zoning plan.

The site benefits from its central location near Stovner metro station, with a possible building density between 150 % and 250 %.

The carbon-neutral project looks at addressing the waste problem in the construction industry in a socially sustainable way. The approach is focused on the premises of the local community aiming to uplift the area and improve the circumstances and future prospects of local residents.

It plans to create architecture of outstanding quality from an ambitious full-scale reuse project harnessing circular economy principles. 50% of the site is to be dedicated to public space such as gardens and exposed soil, including: greenhouses, aquaponies, beehives and orangeries.

The site will host an innovative start-up community to encourage ecological living. The Stovner Incubator will focus on start-up support for entrepreneurs that propose solutions to accelerate climate change mitigation.

The site is part of a larger area of 25.000 sqm called Fossumdumpa, which is located in the centre of Stovner district and situated in the Grorud Valley in the Eastern part of Oslo. Fossumdumpa is the first part of a large industrial area to be redeveloped in Stovner within the next 20 years, with a potential for 6,000-6,500 new dwellings.

The City of Oslo and the Norwegian government have joined forces to tackle the issue of living conditions in the Grorud Valley in the past few years, with a Redevelopment Programme focusing on sustainable urban development, including local initiatives and participation, cross-sectoral cooperation, environmental restoration and upgrading.

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