Solar energy storage market to grow at over 35%
Solar energy storage market to grow at over 35%

Solar energy storage market to grow at over 35%

Created: August 14, 2019. Updated: August 14, 2019.

According to a new research,  the Solar Energy Storage Market will surpass an annual installation of 3 GW by 2025.

Industry players have been working on the integration of cost competitive and performance-oriented storage units. Moreover, volume manufacturing practices coupled with the infusion of economical products from the Chinese manufacturing industry to sustain the upsurge in demand has further led to substantial cost reduction. Henceforth, ongoing cost associated implementations along with favourable industrial inclination will drive the solar energy storage market growth.

According to a new research report by the market research and strategy consulting firm, Global Market Insights, Inc, regulatory measures to reduce dependence on conventional fuels in conjunction to financial allocations to endorse renewable energy integration will augment the U.S. solar energy storage market share. Ongoing replacement of existing power plants with sustainable technologies along with effective management of grid feed in will further complement the industry portfolio. In 2017, the U.S. regulators, proposed a reduction to their tax reforms by curbing their corporate taxes with prospects to reinforce the sustainable energy business potential.

Scalability and suitability for large scale applications are few imperative parameters driving the flow battery aided solar energy storage market growth. Safe operational characteristics, higher power densities, aqueous systems with inorganic redox materials have instituted a favourable business scenario across stationary solar applications. Henceforth, rigorous attempts from industry participants & utilities favoured by positive consumer outlook towards a synchronous, reliable & sustainable electric infrastructure will foster the overall industry growth.

Solar energy storage market in the recent years, has gained escalation on account of large-scale deployment of roof-top systems across commercial & residential establishments. Roof-top installations on account of fiscal benefits including net metering schemes, asset leveraging, subsidies & funding have witnessed significant growth. Moreover, effective frequency synchronization, provision of backup power favored by financial benefits associated with grid feed-in will further complement the business outlook.

The 5000 kW segment will witness growth on account of regulators identifying the assertive reforms supporting the integration of variable renewable energy shares. Incorporation of grid ancillary services along with the integration of granular markets to incentivize services including firm capacity, frequency reserves and others. In addition, BES services including economics of behind the meter storage will further thrust the solar energy storage market landscape.

Asia Pacific solar energy storage market has gained momentum on account of favourable government initiatives to support growing renewable integration. Regulatory reforms, investment subsidies, renewable integration targets, self-consumption scheme, and others have nourished the industrial peripheral. Rapid economic escalation across emerging nations along with increasing electricity demand across developing markets will further institute a favourable business scenario.

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