London | November 6, 2019

i3P Carbon Conference

On the 6th November 2019 in Central London, i3P held its first Carbon Conference, supported by Construction Climate Challenge (CCC). This was an opportunity to bring leading organizations from clients and the supply chain in the infrastructure sector to agree on the priorities for innovation that will reduce carbon impact.

The event brought together a number of Carbon focused projects, sponsored by i3P and CCC, working together to make a step-change in how the infrastructure industry value chain and clients monitor to accelerate improvement on their carbon impacts.

The Carbon Infrastructure Transformation Toll (CITT) project released its report on research conducted and launched the next stage of development for a tool that could help deliver a step change in carbon management on infrastructure projects.

Watch the film about the project below:

Click here to take part of the slides from the conference.

i3P is a Infrastructure Industry client led Innovation delivery group. They are focused on transforming industry outcomes through the pursuit of innovation. The organisations involved are investing over £600bn in infrastructure and through this investment they are focusing on accelerating the sectors resources to deliver a net zero carbon industry.


I3P Carbon Conference was about shaping our industry carbon reduction program through innovation and collaboration.

Conference Agenda

  • Client leadership
  • Industry collaboration
  • Research impact working across a global network
  • Innovation showcasing
  • Data management and benchmarking
  • Recommendations for a net carbon sector

Outcomes from the conference

  • Alignment with Infrastructure Policy and Client priorities.
  • An industry engaged to work towards net zero carbon.
  • A list of recommendations for i3P clients to support.
  • Identified support from i3P members and stakeholders.
  • A plan for the next 12 months to accelerate inovative carbon reduction outcome.