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2 May 2019

Procurement requirements to reduce emissions in infrastructure projects

To reach Sweden’s national climate reduction goals the Swedish Transport Administration has implemented them into the procurement of all new construction projects. Sweden has a national goal to be climate neutral by 2045. To be able to reach that the Swedish Transport Administration (STA) has set up intermediate goals, which include a 15 percent reduction […]

25 April 2019

CITT carbon tool reduces carbon and cost

In terms of supply chain engagement, linking carbon to cost allows for a quick assessment of commercial benefits linked to low carbon interventions leading to a quick and easy engagement with suppliers. The Carbon Infrastructure Transformation Tool (CITT) research project has released a new white paper. The examples in the white paper were developed by […]

1 April 2019

“Carbon does not have to be a tricky topic”

There is sometimes a lot of confusion surrounding the topic of carbon. It’s an invisible material that not everyone is used to working with. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Lara Young explains why.

27 March 2019

CECE draws up ‘Construction 2030’ strategy for the European Union

CECE, the Brussels-based construction equipment association, is spearheading an ambitious Europe-wide industry development strategy to be known as ‘Construction 2030’. It is hoped that the strategy will be adopted by the new EU Commission executive which takes over later in the year. CECE Secretary General, Riccardo Viaggi, explained that construction industry players are working on […]

14 March 2019

Norwegian network helps create green and fossil-free future for the construction sector

Norway’s construction industry accounts for 30 percent of the GHG emissions from the transport sector. In addition, there are indirect emissions from building materials. The Grønn Anleggssektor (Green Construction sector) network unites companies across the sector to encourage competition and innovation for more climate-friendly construction. In the wake of the Paris Agreement, the world community […]

4 March 2019

“Some industries would be bankrupt with the same material losses that you can find in the construction industry” 

The industries with the biggest climate impact are also where the biggest savings need to be made. “The construction industry is a traditional industry that tends to look inwards, but must look sideways to be able to achieve its tough climate targets,” says Mats Landén, Head of Corporate Partnerships, WWF Sweden. Through corporate partnerships the […]

21 February 2019

Sustainability expert: This is where the climate battle will be fought

Professor Xuemei Bai, the winner of the Volvo Environment Prize, explains her take on the race against climate change. “We have this really narrow window of opportunity to get things right,” she says. The global community is currently racing against time itself in the fight against climate change, and professor Xuemei Bai is one of […]

4 February 2019

NCC SVP busts myth: Emission reduction does not have to be expensive

“We really need to do our homework here,” says Christina Lindbäck, SVP Corporate Sustainability at construction company NCC. “Within NCC the strategic work with sustainability is high on the agenda and we see that is our way forward.” In her role as SVP Corporate Sustainability at NCC, Lindbäck has a unique perspective on the whole […]

9 January 2019

Infrastructure design has to be renewed

Infrastructure design has a key role to play in the decarbonization of the built environment. “Infrastructure designers have to move away from the traditional thinking of designing infrastructure,” says Dr. Heleni Pantelidou, Associate Director Infrastructure, Arup. Since the carbon footprint of infrastructure is a big part of the national carbon footprint, infrastructure design plays a […]

6 December 2018

Sustainability: the greatest driver for innovation

The potential for innovation in the construction material sector is huge. Some key issues to look at are the waste phase and the reuse of materials as well as policy innovations and extending knowledge in the sector. Mats Wendel, Innovation Advisor at Swerock AB/Peab Asfalt AB in Sweden, thinks that the greatest driver for innovation […]

18 October 2018

Behavioral change is key to carbon management in construction

The Carbon Infrastructure Transformation Tool (CITT) project seeks to develop an open access software tool for calculating and managing embodied carbon emissions for infrastructure construction projects. To deliver maximum value, the project also investigates the potential barriers and solutions to the adoption of carbon management within the infrastructure sector. This stage of the project is […]

24 September 2018

Impres case studies now completed

The CCC research project Impres has now completed case studies in USA, Australia, UK, Netherlands and Sweden. The Impres team has interviewed key actors in major infrastructure projects on their experiences from implementing procurement requirements for reduced carbon emissions during construction, operation and maintenance. Stefan Uppenberg, WSP project manager for the Impres project, and Anna […]

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