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19 July 2018

WWF: “If you are not sustainable in the long term, you won’t exist as a business.”

Speaking at the CCC Summit in Gothenburg 19 June, Mats Landén of WWF stressed the importance of business building sustainability into their business models. “From the business perspective, sustainability is at the end of the day really what needs to happen as a standard procedure for any business. Simply speaking, if you are not sustainable […]

11 July 2018

Volvo CE on track to meet targets of WWF Climate Savers programme

When Volvo CE joined the WWF Climate Savers programme it committed to reducing CO2 by 7 million tonnes in 5 years. It is fully on track to achieve this and is even ahead of the target, said Thomas Bitter, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Portfolio, Volvo CE. Speaking at the CCC Summit in […]

4 July 2018

CCC Summit: “To drive low-carbon infrastructure we need collaboration which means we need to have integrated supply chains”

Summarising the CCC Summit ‘The Road to Carbon Neutral Infrastructure’ held in Gothenburg 19 June, conference moderator Dr Paul Toyne said the keys are collaboration and integrated supply chains. “What we need is collaboration, and that means we need to have integrated supply chains so we all understand what we are trying to achieve and […]

19 June 2018

The Construction Climate Challenge Summit: The Road to Carbon Neutral Infrastructure

A staggering $350 trillion is to be invested solely in urban infrastructure globally by 2050. How to build it in a carbon neutral manner was the challenge faced by some of the industry’s most influential thinkers at the international Construction Climate Challenge (CCC) Summit in Gothenburg 19 June.   The focus for the latest CCC […]

11 June 2018

Research project aims to increase recycling of construction and demolition waste

Construction and demolition waste is the largest waste stream in Europe. The research project Constructivate aims to develop solutions that can be applied in the construction industry in order to increase recycling of construction and demolition waste. About 25–30 percent of the total waste generated in Europe every year comes from construction and demolition, and […]

17 May 2018

Climate-improved concrete reduces carbon emissions

When concrete constructions are complete, they save energy, last at least 100 years and absorb carbon dioxide during the user phase. But in the construction phase, more needs to be done to reduce concrete’s carbon emissions. Concrete is one of the oldest building materials in the world and reinforced concrete is the most common building […]

22 April 2018

“We need to change behaviors”

Legislation might have a role in dealing with the carbon challenge, but Andy Robinson, Partner, Urban Innovation Labs, believes that changing behaviors is the only real way to deal with the issue. Andy Robinson says that the first behavior lever is industry consensus. The industry needs to come together to tackle the carbon problem the […]

15 March 2018

CITT – One year into the project

Just over a year has passed since the CCC funded research project CITT started. What has happened in the project during the year? And are there some findings yet?

12 March 2018

Impres – One year into the project

Just over a year has passed since the CCC funded research project Impres started. What has happened in the project during the year? And are there some findings yet?    

8 March 2018

CITT project publishes white paper and invites collaboration

The Carbon Infrastructure Transformation Tool (CITT) project seeks to develop an open access software tool for calculating and managing embodied carbon emissions for infrastructure construction projects. This week, the project published a White Paper, which presents the tool’s key features, the progress of the project so far, and invites potential users to trial the software. […]

5 March 2018

Australian case studies for Impres project now completed

The CCC research project Impres completed further case studies during December 2017. This time in Sydney, Australia. Other completed or ongoing case studies in the project are California – USA, UK and Sweden. In Australia the infrastructure projects Sydney Metro Northwest, Newcastle Light Rail and Lower South Creek water treatment program were interviewed on their […]

5 February 2018

“Power and transport are the keys to decarbonization”

Today one can build infrastructure that will last for hundreds, possibly even thousands of years. But if it is to benefit future generations it is crucial that it is planned, designed and constructed in a sustainable way. Tim Chapman, Director at Arup Infrastructure, UK, emphasizes the importance of being observant to the embodied carbon. Tim […]

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