Energy efficiency

30 January 2019

The City of Boston steps up action to be leading carbon neutral city in United States

To be in full compliance with the Paris Agreement the authorities of the city of Boston are developing roadmaps to reduce carbon pollution in buildings and transportation, and updating its Climate Action Plan. The roadmaps will identify critical action pathways for Boston’s public and private building and transportation sectors, strengthening the strategies needed to achieve the […]

29 January 2019

WWF report highlights 10 signs the green economy is underway

A report drawn up by WWF argues that in an ever-growing variety of sectors, the green economy is developing and starting to take over the fossil based economy. The report “10 Signals: Evidence the Green Economy is Underway” shows that the green economy is creating more jobs, offering more investment opportunities, providing an alternative to […]

23 January 2019

Reusing buildings should – and must – be the next Big Thing

Sustainability awards and standards touted by professional architecture organisations often stop at opening day, failing to take into account the day-to-day energy use of a building. With the current format unlikely to change, how can we rethink the way what sustainability means in architecture today? The first step might be to stop rewarding purpose-built architecture, and look […]

15 January 2019

Decentralised solar power is bringing light to remote African villages

Families in remote areas of sub-Saharan Africa with no grid electricity are benefiting was spread of a new generation of home solar systems. Indeed more than 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa have no access to power. A new generation of solar packs, supported by innovating financing system is bring electric power to remote regions. […]

8 January 2019

Dutch ‘Energiesprong’ houses cut energy costs in the UK

The pioneering Dutch approach to energy-efficient home renovation is being employed in UK social housing and dramatically cutting energy costs. The city of Nottingham has become the first city council to pioneer the “Energiesprong” (energy leap) initiative, which has radically upgraded the energy efficiency of thousands of homes in the Netherlands. More than 150 social housing […]

19 December 2018

EU takes buildings to the next Level(s)

The EU’s long-term climate strategy, published in November, says the EU should reach net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest. For this to be possible, 3% of buildings in the EU need to be renovated every year, up from just 1% today. With such a large amount of construction and renovation taking place, there is […]

18 December 2018

Washington’s Tono Solar project converts coal-fired plant into solar farm

A former coal mine site in Washington State is in the process of repurposing 1,000 acres of the former mine site into a solar farm. It is part of Washington states plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 1990 levels in less than 2 years from now. The Tono Solar project involves the construction of […]

14 December 2018

Norway to host world’s first zero-emission cement plant

The cement industry is the world’s second largest industrial emitter of CO2 after steel, accounting from more than 6% of global emissions. If the European cement sector were a country, it would emit as much CO2 as Belgium. The Norcem Brevik Norway is well on the way to becoming the world’s first carbon-free cement plant, a […]

12 December 2018

Cost of solar power to fall dramatically by 2030

The cost of large-scale solar generation is expected to fall below £40/MWh by 2030, according to the latest assessment by the Solar Trade Association (STA). The organisation said its previous assessment from 2014, which predicted the levelised cost of energy to hit £80/MWh by 2019, has turned out to be too conservative, with the figure […]

28 November 2018

Nations must triple climate efforts to reach 2°C target, says new UN report

Nations must triple efforts to reach 2°C target, concludes the United Nation Environment Programme’s (UN Environment) annual review of global emissions, climate action. Indeed countries are failing to take the action needed to stave off the worst effects of climate change,  and the commitments made in the 2015 Paris agreement will not be met unless governments introduce additional […]

27 November 2018

EEA: progress on energy efficiency is slowing

A rise in energy consumption in Europe, particularly in the transport sector is causing a slowdown in EU efforts to reach renewables and energy efficiency targets, says the European Environment Agency (EEA) in its latest report. The slowdown is putting at risk the European Union‘s ability to meet its 2020 and 2030 targets. Rising energy consumption, […]

23 November 2018

Volvo and Skanska report dramatic savings at electric-powered quarry

The Electric Site project led byVolvo CE and its customer Skanska aims to electrify each transport stage in a quarry – from excavation to primary crushing, and transport to secondary crushing. After 10 weeks of testing results show that their Electric Site research project has achieved results including a 98% reduction in carbon emissions, a […]

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