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14 June 2019

Construction Equipment stakeholders call for a new EU policy approach

Construction equipment stakeholders are calling on the EU to build on the results of the current Construction 2020 initiative to fully achieve its potential. They have drawn up a new plan “Construction 2050: Building tomorrow’s Europe today” aimed at supporting the construction sector’s adaptation to key emerging challenges and to promote the sustainable competitiveness of […]

12 June 2019

Circular economy guide for construction sector published

A comprehensive guidance document to promote the practical application of circular economy principles on construction projects has been published by the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC). The detailed information in the Circular economy guidance for construction clients is designed to enable client organisations to include more ambitious circular design and construction best practices in project briefs […]

28 May 2019

Circular economy: construction industry calls for EU expert platform for circular building materials

Putting circular thinking at the heart of the construction sector and enabling it to play a much more central role in the circular economy requires a comprehensive strategy taking into account opportunities, challenges as well as developing goals with regard to circularity and building upon greater coherence of existing policy objectives and initiatives. This is […]

24 May 2019

Recycled EcoTiles provide a sustainable construction solution for developing countries

Many developing nations are struggling with plastics pollution and inadequate housing simultaneously. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth 4 times The problem is particularly pronounced in Africa’s Sub-Saharan region, where plastic packaging collection rates are stagnating at 10% and 53 million citizens are believed to be living in slums. In a bid […]

22 May 2019

3 ways the construction industry can help the environment

It’s no secret that the construction industry has a significant impact on the environment. According to some studies, construction is responsible for up to 50% of climate change, 40% of energy usage globally, and 50% of landfill waste, not to mention air, water, and noise pollution and destruction of natural habitats. As the effects of climate […]

17 May 2019

Cement giant pledges carbon neutral concrete by 2050

The world’s fourth largest cement company has pledged to bring its emission reduction targets in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement. The cement sector accounts for around 7% of carbon dioxide emissions, and in a first for the industry HeidelbergCement, which employs some 58,000 people in 60 countries, committed to slash direct emissions by […]

14 May 2019

Skanska UK targets supply chain to become carbon neutral by 2045

A new carbon reduction target has been announced by Skanska UK, which includes cutting all direct and supply chain emissions. The goal is for Skanska UK’s portfolio of projects to be carbon neutral by 2045. By 2030, the objective is to cut total emissions by 50 per cent of 2010 level. Also by 2030, Skanska […]

7 May 2019

“Climate-Smart” wood being developed in Northern America

Mass timber construction is gaining ground in North America, with the frequent justification that it reduces embodied carbon (the upfront greenhouse gas emissions associated with manufacture and transportation of materials) when compared with concrete or steel. But not all wood products are created equal when it comes to carbon emissions, according to the newly created Climate-Smart Wood Group. The […]

9 April 2019

Building materials that are making construction more sustainable

Sustainable building materials are essential for greener buildings. Indeed construction and demolition waste makes up about 40% of the total solid waste stream in the U.S. and about 25% of the total waste stream in the European Union, according to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Sustainable building materials can help us reduce this […]

2 April 2019

First PAS 2080 verification for UK construction supplier

The first UK construction materials supplier has achieved PAS 2080 verification after demonstrating its ongoing commitment to supplying low carbon solutions to infrastructure projects. Aggregate Industries underwent a rigorous, independent audit process by the BSI to be certified as the first supplier of its kind that can ensure delivery of infrastructure projects meet the PAS […]

27 March 2019

CECE draws up ‘Construction 2030’ strategy for the European Union

CECE, the Brussels-based construction equipment association, is spearheading an ambitious Europe-wide industry development strategy to be known as ‘Construction 2030’. It is hoped that the strategy will be adopted by the new EU Commission executive which takes over later in the year. CECE Secretary General, Riccardo Viaggi, explained that construction industry players are working on […]

27 March 2019

How to build a sustainability culture in the construction industry

“Creating a sustainability culture in the construction industry involves going “above and beyond” expectations”, concluded a recent webinar on embedding sustainability cultures in companies. The webinar sponsored by Reconomy, highlighted some of the overarching challenges and opportunities facing the sector in the drive to lower carbon emissions, waste, and resource usage. Construction is at a […]

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