16 April 2019

Algae are being used to increase the output of solar panels

Researchers in Sweden have developed a technique for improving the performance of solar panels through the use of an innovative algae material. The LIFE SUNALGAE project is the first of its kind that extract and utilize the shell of certain types of algae to enhance the performance of solar panels. The technology which moves into […]

12 April 2019

EU research programme needs a holistic approach for construction to build a sustainable Europe

Representatives of the construction industry at European level have called for a ‘holistic approach’ in the EU’s Horizon Europe research programme. They call for the EU to set up a Co-programmed European Partnership on the Built Environment and Construction. At an event organised by CECE at the Bauma trade fair  public officials from the European […]

9 April 2019

Building materials that are making construction more sustainable

Sustainable building materials are essential for greener buildings. Indeed construction and demolition waste makes up about 40% of the total solid waste stream in the U.S. and about 25% of the total waste stream in the European Union, according to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Sustainable building materials can help us reduce this […]

20 March 2019

Buildings Fit for the Future: Research to transform construction

Houses and buildings need to keep up with today’s demands. Most of our homes were built in the 1980s, using outdated methods. This causes a number of issues today, such as energy inefficiency. How can we solve these and make our buildings fit for the future? The UK Government is investing in the development of […]

12 March 2019

‘Architects need to wake up to the carbon emergency’

Since the 2007 Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change, some progress has been made in the past 12 years. New buildings have become more energy-efficient and pioneering architects are exploring radical new ways of using materials. Yet the focus on eco-design we saw over a decade ago has dissipated. While the UK government […]

8 March 2019

‘Microgrid’ power islands integrate renewables and provide decentralised energy solution

The ABB factory in Johannesburg, South Africa, is powered by an innovative ‘microgrid’ solution, which ensures a continuous local power supply as well as a reduced reliance on fossil fuels. It provides resilient power to ensure a reliable, 24/7 supply of electricity to the 96,000 square meter Longmeadow facility, which is home to around 1,000 […]

27 February 2019

New Procurement approach improves inner city housing renovation

A new approach to the funding and public procurement of renovation work for council housing renovation is being trialled under the EU-funded Remourban programme. The model uses an innovative, whole-life approach to finance; the cost of the works is designed to be equal to the expected savings in maintenance and energy over a 30-year period. […]

26 February 2019

Europe’s largest solar factory roof to be built in Hungary

Some 160,000 m2 of solar roofing is being installed on two logistic centres in in Győr/Hungary by Audi together with Eon Audi. The roofs will comprise 35,000 solar modules and will have an output of Annual output of more than 9.5 gigawatt hours. The goal of the 12 MW PV rooftop installation is to make […]

22 February 2019

Are wooden skyscrapers the future ?

Over the past several years, a number of tall wood projects have been completed around the world, demonstrating successful applications of new wood and mass timber technologies. By 2050 the world’s population will see an additional 2.5 Billion people move to cities. Urban sprawl is not usually an optimal solution, so it’s critical that cities […]

20 February 2019

Singapore is leading the way in green urban infrastructure

According to the latest studies, there will soon be 9 billion people inhabiting the earth, with two- thirds of them living in mega cities. Fully vegetated cities seemed like a futuristic idea just a few years ago, they are now already becoming a reality that is fast developing, and all major cities are now including […]

19 February 2019

Top sustainable technologies in green construction

Green technology makes buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable. They thus have a lower carbon footprint and a reduced impact on the environment. In new buildings, green building construction plays a role in every phase of development. Every aspect of the structure, including siting, design, construction materials, and the systems used to run and maintain operations […]

15 February 2019

New low-carbon ‘concrete’ made from desert sand

A new construction material which is as strong as concrete but has half the carbon footprint has been developed by scientists at Imperial College London. Called Finite, the material is a biodegradable product made from desert sand – a resource that has until now been useless for construction. The breakthrough comes amid increasing concern about the world’s […]

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