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3 September 2019

World’s most powerful tidal turbine to be built in Scotland

The world’s most powerful’ tidal turbine, the “O2” turbine, is expected to come into operation in the latter half of 2020, at the European Marine Energy Centre in Scotland. There, it will undergo a two-year test period before being brought to market. The commercial production unit is being developed with support from the EU’s Horizon […]

30 August 2019

Facade replaced by plant pot walls in Dutch villa design

Green walls formed of shelves of plants instead of glass/steel facades are a key feature of the Green Villa in the Dutch city of Sint-Michielsgestel. The three-storey housing block will follow the mansard roof shape of the neighbouring building, but its entire frontage will be covered in giant rows of shelves covered in greenery. A […]

28 August 2019

French ‘Green Box on the roof ‘ innovation provides prefabricated low carbon building extension

An innovative office extension which adds a prefabricated low energy penthouse unit has been pioneered in France. The result is a 945 m2 SDP timber framed terrace added to an occupied office building at an industrial park at Bron, near Lyon. The rooftop unit has developed over 6 months off-site with wooden walls and joinery […]

27 August 2019

District heating system for London homes to use waste heat from the ‘Tube’

A district heating system for London is being created using waste heat from the ‘Tube’, its massive underground mass transit network. The first phase of the project is due to be completed in the coming months, will extend the network to some 450 homes is the Islington borough area. The first phase of the project […]

21 August 2019

Prefabricated timber houses launched by IKEA and Skansa for low carbon eco social housing

IKEA, Skanska in collaboration with the Queen of Sweden have launched a social housing project. The first ‘SilviaBo’ apartments are currently being completed outside Stockholm and use a variation of IKEA’s modular BoKlok housing concept. Named SilviaBo, the housing project is being developed in Sweden by IKEA, Skanska and Silviahemmet, a dementia-care foundation established by Queen Silvia of Sweden. The project […]

20 August 2019

Ways to keep buildings cool without air conditioning

As global temperatures rise it is predicted that around two thirds of the world’s households could have an air conditioner by 2050. The demand for energy to cool buildings will triple. But unless the energy comes from renewable sources, all that added demand will generate more greenhouse gas emissions and as a consequence hotter summers. […]

16 August 2019

The decarbonization of heating and cooling is about to accelerate

Heating and cooling is responsible for 51% of final energy use in Europe and about 27% of CO2 emissions. Today we are seeing encouraging signs that the decarbonization of heat is about to accelerate. The EU proposed in 2016 a heating and cooling strategy which acknowledged the importance of decarbonizing the sector and proposed to increase […]

14 August 2019

Solar energy storage market to grow at over 35%

According to a new research,  the Solar Energy Storage Market will surpass an annual installation of 3 GW by 2025. Industry players have been working on the integration of cost competitive and performance-oriented storage units. Moreover, volume manufacturing practices coupled with the infusion of economical products from the Chinese manufacturing industry to sustain the upsurge […]

13 August 2019

Record levels of investment flow into European Sustainable funds

First six months of 2019 saw record €36.9bn transferred into sustainable funds in Europe, according to research by Morningstar Sustainable investment funds are becoming increasingly popular among investors, according to new research from analyst house Morningstar that suggests sustainable funds pulled in record levels of investor cash in the first six months of 2019. In the first […]

9 August 2019

LafargeHolcim develops world’s first full-cycle system for CO2 capture and reuse

LafargeHolcim in partnership with Inventrys and Total) have launched an ambitious project to develop the first full-cycle solution to capture and reuse CO2 from a cement plant. Through Project CO2MENT the consortium will demonstrate and evaluate Inventys’ CO2 Capture System and a selection of CO2 utilization technologies. The project being implemented at Lafarge’s Richmond, BC, […]

7 August 2019

New Egypt capital to feature vertical forest apartments

The New Administrative Capital of Egypt is being built in the desert 30 miles from Cairo. It will contain the main government departments and foreign embassies. The Italian architect Stefano Boeri has been commissioned to design a number of cube-shaped vertical forest apartments blocks. The buildings will be use an innovative vertical forest concept for the first time in […]

6 August 2019

Athens builds ‘green corridors’ to combat climate heatwaves

After decades of intense urbanisation, Athens is pioneering the design of green, nature-based infrastructure to cool the city and counter climate change. The urban fabric of Athens is made up of dense constructions that cover 80% of the city’s surface. All that asphalt and concrete retains the heat during the extended heatwaves to which the […]

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