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2 August 2019

BUILD UPON2: next phase in boosting low carbon building renovation

The World Green Building Council’s European network in collaboration with eight cities and partners announced the launch of BUILD UPON 2, the next phase of the world’s largest collaborative project on building renovation. With cities across the world declaring climate emergencies and climate action high up on the agenda for the European elections, this European Union […]

31 July 2019

Report: Energy storage to exceed 1,000GW milestone by 2040

Energy storage installations are poised for a 122-fold increase between now and 2040, as the uptake of renewable energy and electric vehicles (EVs) and falling costs of technology provide an ideal platform to drive demand for storage solutions. The latest BloombergNEF’s (BNEF) new Energy Storage Outlook report predicts that the energy storage market will surge […]

30 July 2019

Morocco embarks on second mega solar project

Morocco has one of most ambitious energy targets in the world. The goal is for 42% of its power to come from renewable sources by 2020. The Noor-Ouarzazate complex, which is built on an area of more than 3,000 hectares in area – the size of 3,500 football fields – is already nearing completion and […]

26 July 2019

EU creates €10 billion fund to strengthen circular economy

Five major banks located and operating within the European Union (EU) have agreed to work with the European Investment Bank (EIB) on a €10bn initiative to promote circular economy projects. The Joint Initiative on Circular Economy (JICE) will take place over the next five years and will be overseen by the EIB. In addition, five […]

24 July 2019

Integrating Green and Gray: report on next generation infrastructure

A new generation of infrastructure projects that harness the power of nature can help achieve development goals, including water security and climate resilience, according to a new report from the World Bank and World Resources Institute. Both organizations are calling for green infrastructure, such as mangroves and wetlands, to play a bigger role in traditional […]

23 July 2019

California bullet train takes major step towards completion

The California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) approved some $1.6 billion worth of track and systems work for a piece of the $20 billion Bakersfield-to-Merced bullet train The Authority said the procurement schedule should allow it to meet its Dec. 31, 2022, Federal Railroad Administration deadline for completion. This is a critical goal if the authority wants […]

19 July 2019

Consortium plans high-wave floating solar panel parks in the North Sea

A Belgian consortium has launched a project in high-wave offshore solar technology with the aim of building floating solar parks in the North Sea. The partners of Tractebel, Jan De Nul Group, DEME, Soltech and Ghent University believe that solar photovoltaic (PV) panels in offshore waters are one of the essential future green energy sources. […]

17 July 2019

775 cities in 16 countries back ‘climate emergency’ call

The latest research from the Crowther Lab predicts that Madrid’s climate in 2050 will resemble Marrakech’s climate today, Stockholm will resemble Budapest, London will be more like Barcelona, and Tokyo’s climate will more closely resemble Changsha’s. In addition, 22 % of cities will experience climate conditions that are not currently experienced by any existing major […]

16 July 2019

Recycling of construction waste at centre of award winning Oslo development project

One of the winners of the C40 Cities ‘Reinventing Cities competition’ is a project of the Municipality of Oslo to create a residential and commercial space with ambitious carbon-neutral and net-zero energy goals. C40 Cities, an international network of 94 municipalities committed to realizing the goals of the Paris Agreement. The ‘RECIPE FOR FUTURE LIVING’ […]

12 July 2019

Battery storage and rooftop solar could change future of grid electricity

Developments in battery storage technology open the way for rooftop solar installations on residential and office buildings could drive a revolution in the energy sector and turning the concept of a national electricity grid upside down. Batteries as a means to store electricity are nothing new. But with solar photovoltaic units now found on many residential […]

10 July 2019

100 year sustainable concrete developed by Australian researchers

A new type of concrete has been developed engineers at Deakin University, Australia, which is reinforced with carbon and glass fire reinforcement. The material will not need maintenance for 100 years, the researchers maintain. As a first construction a pedestrian bridge is being built at port Campbell Creek, Victoria, which has been designed using rugged, […]

9 July 2019

Fighting climate change through sustainable procurement

Sustainable procurement is an initiative where organisations meet their needs for utilities, goods and services in a way that minimises damage to the environment, while achieving value for money and benefitting not only the company, but society and the economy. By using sustainable procurement practices, businesses can not only “do their bit” for the environment […]

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