18 September 2019

U.N. Forum proposes removal of CO2 from the atmosphere as key climate strategy

A new effort to rally governments and corporations behind technologies that suck greenhouse gases from the atmosphere to help stave off disastrous global heating will be launched at the United Nations on Tuesday. The first annual Global Climate Restoration Forum, held in New York, aims to spur international support for emerging and sometimes controversial methods […]

6 September 2019

Melbourne’s trams set to run on solar power

Melbourne’s tram network – the largest in the world – will soon be entirely solar powered as the city looks to implement the State of Victoria’s Renewable Energy Action Plan. While commuters won’t see actual panels on the city’s 400 trams, the electricity the network requires to operate with will be offset by certificates purchased […]

13 August 2019

Record levels of investment flow into European Sustainable funds

First six months of 2019 saw record €36.9bn transferred into sustainable funds in Europe, according to research by Morningstar Sustainable investment funds are becoming increasingly popular among investors, according to new research from analyst house Morningstar that suggests sustainable funds pulled in record levels of investor cash in the first six months of 2019. In the first […]

24 July 2019

Integrating Green and Gray: report on next generation infrastructure

A new generation of infrastructure projects that harness the power of nature can help achieve development goals, including water security and climate resilience, according to a new report from the World Bank and World Resources Institute. Both organizations are calling for green infrastructure, such as mangroves and wetlands, to play a bigger role in traditional […]

17 July 2019

775 cities in 16 countries back ‘climate emergency’ call

The latest research from the Crowther Lab predicts that Madrid’s climate in 2050 will resemble Marrakech’s climate today, Stockholm will resemble Budapest, London will be more like Barcelona, and Tokyo’s climate will more closely resemble Changsha’s. In addition, 22 % of cities will experience climate conditions that are not currently experienced by any existing major […]

9 July 2019

Fighting climate change through sustainable procurement

Sustainable procurement is an initiative where organisations meet their needs for utilities, goods and services in a way that minimises damage to the environment, while achieving value for money and benefitting not only the company, but society and the economy. By using sustainable procurement practices, businesses can not only “do their bit” for the environment […]

5 July 2019

Green Finance Institute launched in London to promote eco funding

The Green Finance Institute has been launched in London with a key role in enabling investors and businesses to collaborate and discuss green projects with greater clarity . The GFS is being funded by The City of London Corporation, alongside the UK Government. “What is quite profound about the way the GFS is positioned is […]

2 July 2019

Malaysian Forest City project integrates green industry, infrastructure and residential

The Malaysian city of Johor has embarked on a comprehensive green smart new city project known as Forest City. The project is a mixed-use development on four man-made islands in the Johor Strait. It combines high-end, infrastructure and residential accommodation. It aims to building a green and smart city, providing human beings with an environmentally […]

26 June 2019

Major investors with $34 trillion urge G20 leaders to speed up climate action

In a further example of serious financial interests getting concerned about the climate debate, fund managers with some $34 trillion under management have called upon world leaders to step up climate action. Specifically the superannuation funds and investors have demanded that leaders of the G20 group meeting in Japan, bring in carbon pricing and phase out […]

25 June 2019

Eurima calls for coordinated EU action plan to deliver sustainable building stock by 2050

Better buildings can play a decisive role in addressing the biggest challenges facing the European Union in the coming years, but this requires a proper coordination structure at the EU-level to maximise the societal benefits of sustainable renovation. In a White Paper drawn up by Eurima (the European Insulation Manufacturers Association), policies affecting one of […]

14 June 2019

Construction Equipment stakeholders call for a new EU policy approach

Construction equipment stakeholders are calling on the EU to build on the results of the current Construction 2020 initiative to fully achieve its potential. They have drawn up a new plan “Construction 2050: Building tomorrow’s Europe today” aimed at supporting the construction sector’s adaptation to key emerging challenges and to promote the sustainable competitiveness of […]

11 June 2019

EU launches €10 billion fund for low carbon technologies

An investment programme worth over €10 billion has been launched by the EU to fund the development of low-carbon technologies in several sectors. The Innovation Fund will focus on highly innovative technologies and big flagship projects with European value added that can bring on significant emission reductions, cross-cutting projects on innovative low-carbon solutions, and also small-scale projects. It aims to support project promoters […]

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