26 June 2019

Major investors with $34 trillion urge G20 leaders to speed up climate action

In a further example of serious financial interests getting concerned about the climate debate, fund managers with some $34 trillion under management have called upon world leaders to step up climate action. Specifically the superannuation funds and investors have demanded that leaders of the G20 group meeting in Japan, bring in carbon pricing and phase out […]

25 June 2019

Eurima calls for coordinated EU action plan to deliver sustainable building stock by 2050

Better buildings can play a decisive role in addressing the biggest challenges facing the European Union in the coming years, but this requires a proper coordination structure at the EU-level to maximise the societal benefits of sustainable renovation. In a White Paper drawn up by Eurima (the European Insulation Manufacturers Association), policies affecting one of […]

14 June 2019

Construction Equipment stakeholders call for a new EU policy approach

Construction equipment stakeholders are calling on the EU to build on the results of the current Construction 2020 initiative to fully achieve its potential. They have drawn up a new plan “Construction 2050: Building tomorrow’s Europe today” aimed at supporting the construction sector’s adaptation to key emerging challenges and to promote the sustainable competitiveness of […]

11 June 2019

EU launches €10 billion fund for low carbon technologies

An investment programme worth over €10 billion has been launched by the EU to fund the development of low-carbon technologies in several sectors. The Innovation Fund will focus on highly innovative technologies and big flagship projects with European value added that can bring on significant emission reductions, cross-cutting projects on innovative low-carbon solutions, and also small-scale projects. It aims to support project promoters […]

5 June 2019

Climate change risks will impact the value of business within 5 years

Climate change could wipe almost $1 trillion off the valuations of more than 200 of the world’s biggest companies, with many of the impacts likely to hit within the next five years. This is revealed in report from the environmental disclosure non-profit CDP. The CDP analysis reveals 215 companies representing nearly $17 trillion in market […]

4 June 2019

Canada study shows Zero-Carbon Buildings reap rewards

A report commissioned for Canada Green Business Council (CaGBC) shows that investing in Zero Carbon Buildings offer both meaningful greenhouse gas reductions and positive financial returns. The study, a first of its kind in Canada, shows that Zero Carbon Buildings provide a positive financial return over a 25-year life-cycle, inclusive of carbon pollution pricing, and […]

29 May 2019

First satellite CO2 monitoring fleet to be put in space

Europe is readying a new fleet of satellites that will monitor CO2 emissions at every point on earth, creating the first worldwide system to independently track polluters. Three orbiters will give first complete view of earth’s surface, transforming the way carbon emissions are monitored and reported. The fleet of three satellites is slated for launch […]

28 May 2019

Circular economy: construction industry calls for EU expert platform for circular building materials

Putting circular thinking at the heart of the construction sector and enabling it to play a much more central role in the circular economy requires a comprehensive strategy taking into account opportunities, challenges as well as developing goals with regard to circularity and building upon greater coherence of existing policy objectives and initiatives. This is […]

21 May 2019

“Community Solar” solutions on the rise globally

Sharing local solar power generation is on the increase as a potential sustainability solution for green urban environments. “Community solar” can either be ‘community-owned’ solar generation projects or third party-owned plants whose electricity is shared by a community. The primary purpose of community solar is to allow members of a community the opportunity to share […]

15 May 2019

Major cities worldwide show the way on climate action

Cities house more than half of the world’s population and are responsible for over 70% of the world’s energy-related carbon emissions, so they could make or break efforts to tackle climate change. A new study has ranked the action of 596 cities’ action to cut emissions and set climate strategies and awarded a top score […]

8 May 2019

Europe’s city mayors unite to demand emissions cuts by next year

Mayors and leaders of 210 European cities, representing 62 million citizens have written to European leaders demanding that emissions are halved by 2030 and reach a net-zero by the mid-century. They also call on EU leaders to step up the EU’s climate commitments, to show global leadership and drive ambition to make rapid progress in […]

3 May 2019

Big Apple to legislate for green roofs on new constructions

New York City is to replace its glass and steel skyline with trading one replete with plants, solar panels, and wind turbines. Legislation being passed by New York City Council passed a historic act is to turn the city green. In April, the city council approved the Climate Mobilization Act, a package of bills and resolutions designed […]

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