2 July 2019

Malaysian Forest City project integrates green industry, infrastructure and residential

The Malaysian city of Johor has embarked on a comprehensive green smart new city project known as Forest City. The project is a mixed-use development on four man-made islands in the Johor Strait. It combines high-end, infrastructure and residential accommodation. It aims to building a green and smart city, providing human beings with an environmentally […]

28 June 2019

100 largest cities create 10% of global emissions

New research published by C40 Cities has warned that cities may have a greater influence over global emissions than was previously thought. A report based on the research, which was undertaken in partnership with Arup and the University of Leeds, revealed how the world’s 100 biggest cities are responsible for around 10 percent of all emissions, despite having taken positive steps […]

21 June 2019

‘BioSolar Leaf’ developed to purify urban air

The world’s first ‘BioSolar Leaf’ has been developed to remove greenhouse gases from the environment by purifying the air through the photosynthesis of microscopic plants,whilst generating breathable oxygen. The innovative technology has been developed Imperial College London together with the start-up company Arborea. The innovative cultivation system is designed to facilitate the growth of tiny […]

4 June 2019

Canada study shows Zero-Carbon Buildings reap rewards

A report commissioned for Canada Green Business Council (CaGBC) shows that investing in Zero Carbon Buildings offer both meaningful greenhouse gas reductions and positive financial returns. The study, a first of its kind in Canada, shows that Zero Carbon Buildings provide a positive financial return over a 25-year life-cycle, inclusive of carbon pollution pricing, and […]

21 May 2019

“Community Solar” solutions on the rise globally

Sharing local solar power generation is on the increase as a potential sustainability solution for green urban environments. “Community solar” can either be ‘community-owned’ solar generation projects or third party-owned plants whose electricity is shared by a community. The primary purpose of community solar is to allow members of a community the opportunity to share […]

15 May 2019

Major cities worldwide show the way on climate action

Cities house more than half of the world’s population and are responsible for over 70% of the world’s energy-related carbon emissions, so they could make or break efforts to tackle climate change. A new study has ranked the action of 596 cities’ action to cut emissions and set climate strategies and awarded a top score […]

10 May 2019

‘Street Tree Pods’ designed for sustainable city centre housing

A potential solution to housing shortages in city centres is a design for a sustainable treehouse. Street Tree Pods take up the same amount of space as a single car-parking bay, the Street Tree Pods are teardrop-shaped structures made from wood, designed to merge with existing or new trees. Each structure would offer accommodation to a single occupant, […]

8 May 2019

Europe’s city mayors unite to demand emissions cuts by next year

Mayors and leaders of 210 European cities, representing 62 million citizens have written to European leaders demanding that emissions are halved by 2030 and reach a net-zero by the mid-century. They also call on EU leaders to step up the EU’s climate commitments, to show global leadership and drive ambition to make rapid progress in […]

3 May 2019

Big Apple to legislate for green roofs on new constructions

New York City is to replace its glass and steel skyline with trading one replete with plants, solar panels, and wind turbines. Legislation being passed by New York City Council passed a historic act is to turn the city green. In April, the city council approved the Climate Mobilization Act, a package of bills and resolutions designed […]

1 May 2019

Framework launched to deliver net-zero built environment

A framework outlining how developers, designers, owners, occupiers and policymakers can define and deliver a net-zero built environment has been drawn up by the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC). It aims to build consensus on a clearly defined understanding of net zero for the built environment, both in terms of the construction phase and a […]

30 April 2019

Brazil hosts world’s first ‘LEED Zero’ building

Platinum used to be the ultimate LEED rating. Not anymore. Under a new program, LEED Zero, construction projects have to show zero impact in at least one of four categories: energy, carbon, water, or waste. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has now awarded its first LEED Zero certification, for net-zero energy, to engineering and consulting […]

26 April 2019

World’s tallest timber-framed “plyscraper” opens in Norway

Located in central Norway, Mjøstårnet is a 280-foot-tall timber-framed structure that is pushing the limits of architecture and setting a path for the sustainable cities of tomorrow The new high-rise edifice built almost entirely of wood—call it a “plyscraper”—has opened its doors. The Mjøstårnet building, which includes a hotel, restaurants, offices, and apartments, stands at […]

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