23 August 2019

Giant electric dumper truck is energy positive

A quarry in Biel, Switzerland, is operating the world’s largest electric vehicle: a 110-ton dump truck, to haul lime and marl off the side of a mountain to a cement factory. And in a round trip up and down the mountain it generates more electricity than it consumes. The dump truck, at 45 tons, is […]

18 June 2019

Backing for Europe-wide scale up Energiesprong house renovation scheme

A leading German think-tank ‘Agora Energiewende’ has advised the European Commission to scale up the Dutch home renovation scheme Energiesprong to help it reach the EU’s climate targets. In an advisory report to the European Commission the think tank highlights ten priorities and four flagship initiatives to make the European energy transition a success. Feasible […]

5 February 2019

REBUS project shows climate benefits of nature-based solutions in cities

Urban areas occupy only 3 percent of the planet’s surface, but they are responsible for 75 percent of gas emissions. According to projections, by 2050, 6 billion people – or at least 70% of the global population – will be living in metropolitan centres, which might become a living hell, considering the impact climate change has […]

22 June 2017

Top Tips for embedding circular economy principles in construction

The UK’s Green Construction Board has published a new guide “Top Tips for Embedding Circular Economy Principles in the Construction”. This resource is intended to help the construction industry start its journey towards the circular economy. The Green Construction Board is the sustainability work stream of the UK Government’s Construction Leadership Council, and has developed […]

1 February 2017

Flood resistant building technology developed by BRE

The UK’s Building Research Establishment (BRE) has developed a ‘flood-resilient prototype house’ to show how homes can be protected against flood damage. BRE has developed the ‘Resilient House’ to show how practical measures can be installed in a home to prevent flood water entering a property. The measures developed in the house aim to not […]

13 December 2016

BREEAM and WELL align standards to streamline green building certifications

In a move that aims to make it easier for green building projects to achieve both the WELL Building Standard and BREEAM, the International WELL Building Institute and BRE have teamed up to identify alignments between the two standards and streamline the process for achieving both. BREEAM, the leading UK green-building rating system, arrived in the US in June. […]

5 December 2016

Five tips for achieving low carbon & low cost in infrastructure projects

Paul Toyne who chaired the CCC Seminar on Reducing Carbon in Infrastructure Construction has drawn up his top five tips for reducing carbon and cutting costs in infrastructure projects:  1. Zero carbon by 2050 and 1 day. What do I mean by that? Well, the UK Climate Change Act set the target of reducing greenhouse […]

2 December 2016

Leading states and regions put COP21 goals within reach, but only in the short-term

States and regions worldwide including California, New York, Rio De Janeiro, Wales and Scotland are implementing “exemplary” near-term ambitions to place a 2C-world within reach, although a lack of long-term targets could stunt progress after 2030. That is the view of the annual Compact of States and Regions Disclosure Report, which analyses the climate commitments of […]

2 December 2016

Bio-based materials such as hemp-lime can be used to construct “zero carbon” buildings

Plant-based materials such as hemp-lime can be used to make high performing building envelopes, protecting against external weather and making a building more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient to live in. Not only can they be used as insulation materials, displacing oil-based alternatives such as polyurethane foam, but they also interact with the internal environment […]

25 November 2016

To achieve COP21 targets European building stock must be upgraded

Reaching the Paris climate commitments will demand a fundamental upgrade of the European building stock, says a report by the Building Performance Institute Europe (BPIE). A successful achievement of the Paris Agreement goals implies low- or no-emissions from the European building stock by 2050, and materials to be used efficiently and with a minimal carbon […]

25 November 2016

Giant solar plant in Morocco will send surplus energy to Europe

This year Morocco became home to one of the world’s biggest solar power plants. The massive complex is located at the foot of the High Atlas mountains, 10km  from Ouarzazate – a city nicknamed the door to the desert. With around 330 days of sunshine a year, it is an ideal location. Hundreds of curved […]

18 November 2016

Green buildings take centre stage at COP22

Following the success of the first Buildings Day at COP21 in Paris, last year, the UN’s COP22 Climate Change conference in Marrakech featured a further Buildings Day which showed progress being shown worldwide in green construction. The Marrakech event is seen very much as ‘Action COP’. It was less about wrangling over specific text in […]

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