18 November 2016

CO2 absorption properties of cement materials discovered by researchers

An international team of researchers has found that over time, cement reabsorbs a significant portion of the CO2 emitted when the material was manufactured. A new study involving the University of East Anglia (UEA) shows that cement structures are a substantial but overlooked absorber of carbon emissions – offsetting some of those emitted during cement […]

9 November 2016

COP22 in Morocco throws spotlight on cities: roadmap for buildings launched

The 12-day climate change conference COP22 kicked off in Morocco on 7 November, co-organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI.  The talks started with a bang, with the welcome news that more than 100 countries have now ratified the Paris Agreement. 70% of GHG generated by […]

12 October 2016

Green roofs are taking off around the world

The Green Roof Industry has grown 10 fold in North America since 2003. An estimated 20 million square feet of green roofs were installed in North America in 2012 and globally, green roofs are a multi-billion dollar industry. Green roofs typically occupy unused urban spaces – rooftops which may comprise anywhere from 6% to 35% of […]

17 August 2016

Asia moves forward with green building rating systems

With sustainable design and urban energy-efficiency becoming ever more popular trends in building across the world, it has become necessary for urban centers to develop rating systems to aid in the implementation of sustainable design solutions. The green rating systems applied in Asia  are helping to drive the growth of the industry in the region. […]

8 July 2016

Applying circular economy thinking to the built environment

Can the circular economy really work for something as enduring and complex as a building? Applying circular economy thinking to the construction industry is not as straightforward as it sounds. Buildings are far more complex than most consumer products, have a far longer life and are made from thousands of components. A different approach must therefore […]

15 June 2016

60 European city mayors and local authorities commit to green energy transition

Mayors of cities in Europe and its Mediterranean neighbourhood have committed to acting together to ensure the transition to a more energy-efficient model based on the use of renewables and the reduction of CO2 emissions Representatives of more than sixty cities from Europe and around the Mediterranean coast gathered in Bornova,vTurkey at the annual conference of Energy […]

9 June 2016

BREEAM online green certification scheme launched in USA

A lower-cost online version of BREEAM, the leading UK green-building rating system, has been introduced to the United States.   BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) was created in the UK in 1990 and measures sustainability in the built environment, with different schemes available for building types. Over 530,000 buildings have been registered and it is used in […]

8 June 2016

New PAS 2080 standard for infrastructure management could be a game changer

A new specification for carbon management for the infrastructure sector – PAS 2080 – has been launched in the UK and could dramatically cut carbon emissions from infrastructure projects. Use of infrastructure accounts for approximately half of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. The ambition is to reduce UK emissions globally by 80% by 2050 and […]

3 June 2016

IEA: Cities must lead the decarbonisation process

With two-thirds of the growth in global final energy demand expected to come from urban areas in emerging and developing economies by 2050, a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) has called on cities to play a “leading role” in the global low-carbon transition. The report predicts that between now and 2050, around […]

2 June 2016

Construction industry needs a collaborative ‘evolutionary jump’, says UK-GBC

Collaboration within the construction industry is crucial to ensuring that businesses can embed best practice and overcome barriers to applying circular economy principles to the built environment, says the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC). The built environment demands around 40% of the world’s extracted materials and demolition waste represents the largest waste stream in many […]

1 June 2016

Danish researchers develop new technique for asphalt that reduces CO₂ emissions

New research in Denmark has developed a new technique for optimising asphalt mixture used on roads so as to minimise C02 emissions. ​A reduction of the rolling resistance of a road surface can reduce emissions as well as cutting fuel consumption. A quarter of the energy consumption in Denmark is related to road transportation; and […]

27 May 2016

Barcelona architects pioneer off-grid affordable green construction

The Barcelona-based architectural firm BHS is revolutionizing the global sector for construction of green, affordable housing, through radical large-scale innovation, integrating environmental sustainability, quality, reduced costs, production speed, social development, modularity and scalability. And in 2016 the company,  Barcelona Housing Systems, will be rolling out a series of green, off-grid housing complexes in Croatia, Chile, Ecuador […]

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